Team Overview

Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals coming from various backgrounds. This allows us to understand and handle a vast array of paranormal and spiritual situations.


Our Methods

Our goal is to bring peace to the people we help and places we investigate. We do this by relying on each other, our individual strengths, and our faith. When a problem needs solving we have informed historians and researchers, sensitives to communicate with the other side, team leaders to keep everything running efficiently, and technical support to capture the best evidence and enhance communication. We do not only have one method, because we believe a good team must adapt to fit the conditions of each unique situation. The type of team we have built, with a wide array of knowledge and focuses, allows us to do just this.

Our Team Leader, Patrick Burke, has spent years developing the Intuitive Science Method, that helps sensitives and mediums to step into the Zero Point Field (ZPF). Following this method he developed, our sensitives are trained in the ZPF and therefore are highly accurate and effective.

Our Sensitives

On our team, everyone has some level of sensitive ability. However, almost every person has a unique focus that allows them to better handle certain situations. Out team is comprised of sensitives who mostly hear or feel, Zero Point Field Mediums, and empaths.



Our Tech

We implement a wide variety of equipment to try to capture the best evidence possible. One specific piece of equipment we use is the Ghost Box, and we utilize the method of going Double-Blind. We have trained experts in this technique, proven to be more reliable and effective, who learned from the creators of the Double-Blind Method. Multiple team members are heavily experienced on this device and we use it to validate our sensitives and enhance communication with spirits.