Shannon burke

Empath, Investigator


Shannon is Patrick’s youngest daughter, who started her training as a paranormal investigator at the age of 12. On her first battlefield investigation at Antietam Battlefield, Shannon discovered she was an empath. Her ability to feel the energies and emotions experienced by the soldiers is amazing, and often her emotions run high. During an investigation of the West Woods in Antietam, she began to cry uncontrollably. Her Dad tried joking with her to help calm her down by saying, “there’s no crying on battlefields!”

During the walk back to the car where her Mom was waiting, Shannon explained what happened. She was overwhelmed with the emotions and fears of the soldiers who died or were wounded here, and it just made her sad and afraid. Shannon soon began to learn ways to control these emotions so she wouldn’t constantly be overwhelmed. She has learned to do that by stepping into the Zero Point Field (ZPF) and shielding herself. At this point, Shannon can open herself up to seeing spirits or hearing voices.

Shannon functions as an empath for the SPARC Team, as well as focusing on equipment and photography. She helps the Team to better understand the emotion of an energy, allowing the Team to be more effective during an investigation.

Shannon is currently studying Massage Therapy at the College of Southern Maryland.