What We Offer

The following includes descriptions of the main services we offer. If you are interested in a topic or service that is unlisted, have further questions, or wish to schedule, please contact us.



We have team members who are experienced in doing personal reads and aura reads. To find a team member who suits your needs and interests, please visit the team page, or reach out to us. Contact us through phone or email to schedule and inquire about rates.


Excursions & Team Building

We do investigations at a of variety locations including; historic sites and homes, battlefields, cemeteries, and personal residences. An events page will be coming soon with future excursions. If you would like to schedule a private excursion please reach out to us. The Dr. Mudd House and Point Lookout Confederate Cemetery are two of our most requested locations. Companies looking for unique ways to strengthen their team can schedule a team building investigation at any locations where we hold excursions. 

Individualized Training

If you are looking to develop, grow or evolve your personal abilities, general knowledge of the paranormal, or both, we are ready to train you. Consultations are free, and we will work together to match you with the team member who can best serve your needs. We will create a personal curriculum to map out a path to help you reach your goals. Contact us to schedule your consultation.


We offer classes on a variety of subjects. Pre-scheduled classes will be listed on the events page when it is live. Contact us if you would like to schedule or host a class. Topics include, but are not limited to: Cleansing & Shielding, Investigative Techniques, Mediumship, and Psychometry. Other topics possible upon request.


House Calls

Many people experience scary and uncomfortable situations personally and in their own homes caused by paranormal factors. It is our goal to help you solve these problems and create a peaceful atmosphere for you and your loved ones. Beyond our extensive years of investigative research, the SPARC team brings a deep level of spirituality that greatly defines who we are. Consultations are free, rates determined on a situational basis. Visit the contact page to inquire.