Patrick burke

Lead investigator, Team Leader, Sensitive


Patrick has been a student of the paranormal for 42 years, and an active investigator for more than 20. He is a military history enthusiast, studying conflicts from every angle, reading the official battle reports of both sides, studying maps, and reviewing the diaries of soldiers. It is the story through the eyes of these participants that Patrick strives to capture on film or audio. He seeks to tell their stories, which may otherwise be lost to history.

Patrick’s strong leadership skills guide the team on both a physical and spiritual level. Although his depth of historical knowledge is impressive, his keen understanding and awareness of the nonphysical world is remarkable. There have been occasions when his strength of faith has enabled him to banish evil and cross souls into the light of God’s grace. When the whole team works together to accomplish a cross-over, it is an incredible marvel to witness!

His easy smile and quick humor lend a level of comfort to the team. He is also a sensitive, which lends another dimension to his abilities.

He has written and been featured in countless articles and interviews in various media outlets, has appeared as a guest expert on TV, and has been a guest speaker at many paranormal workshops and conventions. Burke’s second book, Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg (Llewlleyn Publications, 2014) is considered a definitive must read for anyone who wants to learn more about the battle and the haunting of Gettysburg.