jean Ferrante burke

Manager, Empath


For more than 20 years, Jean has been researching, coordinating and organizing investigations, book signings, classes conferences, and BOOt Camps. Her skills in administration and event planning lend themselves to finding historic places and battlefields to investigate. As always, she follows protocol to acquire the necessary permits.

Jean also handles the daily admin tasks to keep SPARC up and running. This includes everything from marketing to paying bills to fielding phone calls. Throughout her professional life she has gained event planning, managerial, and administrative skills that are invaluable to making the business side of SPARC run smoothly and effectively. 

For years, she has resisted her natural ability as a sensitive. Recently, she has allowed herself to begin to develop those skills. She now participates with the Team on all levels of activity and is crucial to keeping this crazy show on the road.

Burke received a Bachelor of Arts in Art with a Concentration in History from St. Mary’s College of Maryland.