The Top: When Ghost Soldiers Talk

Everyone knows that Gettysburg is tops on my list for going and hanging out with the Ghost Soldiers, but what you might not know is that I have two other battlefields that rank at the top of my list.

Antietam. The rolling hills of Sharpsburg, Maryland are very picturesque, especially this time of year. But once you step past the town and stride onto the battlefield, you can feel the shift in the energy. If you open up your senses (yup, not the normal 5) you can feel the flow of the battle ripple past you. I have heard the cries of men in mortal conflict and seen, felt, and heard the sounds of the battle. One of the most incredible moments I experienced was on the Burnside Bridge. I was being interviewed for the Stars and Stripes magazine and the reporter, Gina, wanted to go out on a battlefield investigation with my team and me. As we stood on the middle of the bridge in the middle of the night, I was told that one of the Medal of Honor recipients was a Captain Adolphe Libaire of the 9th NY Infantry. He not only rescued wounded soldiers but once the 9th Corps (Burnsides Division, USA) finally drove back the 400 hundred Georgians that had them penned down for most of the day, Captain Libaire snatched up the company’s colors and carried them through the rest of the battle after the entire color guard had been shot down. 

As I finished telling Gina about the Captain’s brave actions I felt the need to call out to him. Listening to that intuitive voice, I called out, “Captain Adolphe Libaire, are you here Sir?” From the field where the 9th Corps had been waiting to crossover the bridge to attack the Confederates, a loud voice called out, “YES!” Gina looked at me and I smiled and said lets go out to the field and check it out. Completely empty. The other team members were behind us on at the Confederate side of the bridge. She had clearly heard the voice of the Captain as well as I did and she was simply shocked at the response.

If you get a chance to go to Antietam Battlefield you will want to check out a number of areas that have high activity; the Bloody Lane, Mummas Farm, Dunkard Church, the Georgian Heights and the West Woods. These are some of my favorite locations to interact with the Ghost Soldiers.

My next favorite battlefield to visit is Fredericksburg, like Gettysburg and Antietam, the town was part of the battlefield. The Sunken Road, which is at the base of Marye’s Heights, is extremely active. The area where the original stone wall that the Confederates used to annihilate the approaching Union soldiers at the first and second Battle of Fredericksburg is a hot-spot of activity. There is an area where the Angel of Fredericksburg statue is placed just in front of the wall, as you stand on the sidewalk, with the original wall in front of you, you will see that the ground is at the top of the wall; the photo below shows what the ground and area in front of the wall actually looked like during the battle.

Innis House and the Sunken Road early 19th Century; photo curtesy of

Innis House and the Sunken Road early 19th Century; photo curtesy of

One of my favorite experiences was at the Innis House. We had done one of our BOOt Camps (a 2 day event that had training and speakers and then night investigations on the battlefield) I had Dale Kaczmerak and Jim Graczyk with me (Ghost Research Society; There was also a reporter named Mike with us. As all of the investigations were over, I had Dale and Jim in the lower living room breaking down their equipment. Mike was with me just standing near the front door. As I stepped in from the front door (yea, it’s a really small house, 2 steps and you’re there) to see if they needed any help, but they already had their cameras and other equipment loaded up. Jim went out the front door first than Dale, as I took a step across the door threshold I heard some movement upstairs. For some reason I immediately though of Mike and stepped back in and said, “Mike is that you?” in a raised voice. And an extremely loud voice yelled, “YES!”

The hairs went up on the back of my neck, I looked out the front door and saw Mike walking down the Sunken Road away from us, about 100 yards away. I looked at Dale and Jim and they had some how whipped out their cameras and said, “Let’s go!” I ran up the short flight of stairs and the one room upstairs with its old rickety door was open, we heard foot steps in there and Jim said he was seeing lights moving on his camera. I went to go into the room and when I hit the doorway it was at least significantly colder than outside. I stepped in and could feel the Ghost Soldiers around me, I looked behind the partly open door just to make sure no one was playing a trick on us, and there was no one there. 

The activity at the Innis House, The Sunken Road and Marye’s Heights are just some of the locations where, if approached correctly, you can get some incredible paranormal evidence.