What a Wonderful World

We’re all capable of bending the truth of reality. We desire our situation to be something it isn't, we have very specific ideas of what our life should be like. In the physical world we live in this can be dangerous on some level. If we are oblivious or refuse to accept reality, we are living a lie.

A few posts ago I spoke about fear and how we fight it (link here). I brought up a few ways in which energies could be trapped. One of those was a negative energy creating a false reality for the souls present. This is even more dangerous than any false reality we can create for ourselves.

You see, we are in charge of the reality we see and create, we are in control of how we interpret our situation. However, these energies are being led by something insidious and much more experienced and stronger than them into a lie. And an extremely intricate one at that.

Let me give you an example. We were at a cemetery in southern Virginia, almost to West Virginia. This cemetery dates back to the 18th century. To set the scene, it was overgrown, grey, and dreary, really like most other old and forgotten cemeteries. When we got there things were quiet. Then, we noticed that there were energies who were not interacting with us, it was like they couldn't see us. Sometimes with a residual haunting, where there is just an imprint of an energy not their actual soul, we don't get direct interaction. However, these were clearly souls that seemed unable to detect our presence.

Then, I saw something I found, and still to this day find, extremely disturbing. I noticed that there was a road, and beautiful flowers and shrubs, some nice light posts, it looked like the cutest, happiest little area. But, it was all made of energy. It was created, it was an illusion. I next noticed that the energies who did not interact with us interacted with the illusion.

I was confused. As we were figuring out what was going on, we did get contact from some souls in the area. The ones who were interacting with the illusion and with us told a story how beautiful a place this area was to live, and how happy they were. Some even believed they were still alive.

We then encountered energies who were outside of the illusion. They came to warn us. Warn us of what was going on, and some to warn us to back off. From our own experience as well as their assistance we learned there was a demonic energy creating this illusion to trap souls.

We found, as is unsurprising, the trapped souls saw the demon not as a threat but as more like a kind and friendly protector/mayor figure. These souls genuinely believe they were happy and safe. However, all the while their true self and their eternal peace was being threatened. This is all happening as well as feeding the negative energy, making it grow stronger because of  their belief of the lie (if you're interested in how strong belief can be make sure to check out Dave’s last blog post, link here).

So we have souls being trapped and we have a demon growing stronger and stronger from their belief in it’s illusion. We went on to do what we do best, kick the bad guys butt. But, as this was happening one woman stood out to me. She didn't want to go to the light, even as the demon was being defeated and she could see the light coming in. She said she was happy, and the illusion was the reality. This was a heartbreaking moment for me. We were ripping away from her all that she had believed in. And although this was in her best interest, it was still extremely difficult to watch her painfully come to this revelation.

This moment demonstrates how powerful a hold the illusion had in these souls, and how powerful our belief in a reality can be. So, when addressing your own situation in life, and when encountering those in the next, be sure to consider what is real. And make sure you aren't creating the illusion of a wonderful world, but you're really in one.




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