The Top: An Introduction

We are starting a new column! Every Monday is going to be an article with the main title, “The Top” and a subtitle. We will be addressing lists of things, the the top most… fill in the blank, our top favorites on a variety of topics including; places, people, books, movies, rules, tools, techniques, etc… Each article, of course, will have something to do with the paranormal, supernatural, and/or spiritual.

Since we will be rotating the writer each week, between the 3 of us who are writing blogs now, there will be no set number for the list included in the article. One week it may be top 5, the next, top 10. My hope in starting this column involves a few different things. One, that we can better give recommendations to our wonderful readers. Recommendations of our favorite things/places, books, equipment, and so on. It is also that we can give some interesting content on what we consider the most haunted places/things, the best techniques, and things of the like. I also hope it is a place where we can get personal about our favorite ways to train, practice, our favorite experiences, and things to do inside and outside of an investigation setting. This will be a space where streamlined information on a variety of exciting topics will be available.

So tonight, since we’re doing introductions, I will introduce to you my top 5 must-do things before going on an investigation. This is my personal process/favorite parts of the process, not telling anyone that this is what they should do, but here is a little glimpse into what investigation prep is like for me. These all are important, the order is flexible, not fixed, except for  number one. Number one is the most important in my book.

  1. Cleansing and Shielding: I mean, obviously. But it is actually one of my favorite parts leading up to the investigation because I always do a little extra shielding in case there is an excessive amount of negative energy (which there often is). I feel the extra fortification and enjoy feeling ready to go. This step is so important because it allows your personal energy to be clean, unaffected, and protected before it comes in contact with a multitude of other energy.

  2. Music: I, and my whole family, always listen to music on our way to the location. We have a specific playlist that helps us to get into the right mindset. If y’all are interested, I could do a top list on my favorite investigation music. But I would suggest finding some songs that help get you get into focus and encourage a peacefulness.

  3. Outfit: I know this may seem silly, but what I wear is always thought out. Shannon, Dad, and I are always in some kind of camo, in case you haven't already noticed. It's kind of a thing. So finding new ways to incorporate camo into my outfits is always a fun and more easy-going part of what I do. Wearing something I feel comfortable and confident in makes me feel more put-together (I’m not though, fake it till ya make it).

  4. Baseline Walk: This is something we have to do on location, but it an important pre-investigation step. We walk through the property and get a basic read of the energy, a baseline for the equipment, set up cameras, all that good stuff. I love this part because the energy is just starting to get active, but its not quite stirred up yet. I often find a sense of peace in this moment, or if there is much negative energy around, a sense of determination. Either way, I love this moment.

  5. Items: I always get my items together before going to a location. By this I mean non-technological items. Y’all know how I am with anything that takes a battery. I most commonly use crystals and stones. I like to prep certain stones and crystals based on the situation, and what I think will be most necessary. For instance, when holding an investigation where we are bring groups in and out, I always have clear quartz on hand because it is a great stone for recharging spiritual energy. These kinds of items, when used properly, can always aid investigators.


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