Invasion of Privacy

Recent travel has put me in front of some people who have a lot of questions about what I do. Some questions came around about if I was reading people’s auras in the room, or if I was hearing certain things about people. It used to be that I couldn’t control it. I just heard or saw things about people that I didn't think I was supposed to. I was answering questions people haven't asked yet, but planned to, was seeing people’s auras without trying too, and just seemed to know how someone was feeling.

    I felt extremely uncomfortable with this for a multitude of reasons. One being, people were starting to notice. People were noticing me answering questions they were sure they had not asked yet, that I seemed to just know how they were feeling, and that I seemed to genuinely understand when it didn't seem as if I had any reason to. So I shut this down. I asked to stop seeing and hearing and knowing these things without a person’s express permission or request.

See, the problem with all this is that someone's aura tells an extremely personal story. It can carry our deepest scars, greatest fears, our strongest characteristics, and our weakest, and it shows the joys and stresses of our current situation. Now, not all of this is bad, but it is still highly personal. And I believe that these things should be private to a person unless they explicitly ask me to read their aura.

I have seen other sensitives who can read auras attempt to read mine or someone else’s. For the reasons I stated above, I feel this is wrong. And I have said that to others whom I have seen do this. Some hear what I say and agree, others seem to be more interested in fulfilling their own curiousity, or getting answers to their questions. I do not ever feel like this is a justifiable reason to delve into another’s personal business uninvited.

Now, there are a few exceptions to this rule I have as a general principle. Firstly, if someone (in the spirit world) decides that I need to see another’s aura for some reason, then I allow it to come through. Generally, this is because seeing their aura will inform me of something important. The most common reasons that this would happen is because it will allow me to help the person in some way, or, inform if they are either a danger to themselves or a danger to me. For these reasons, almost solely, will I see someone's aura without their permission.

So, overall I feel that it is an invasion of privacy to read another's aura without their asking me to do so. Our auras tell our life’s story, they are a part of what make us who we are as human beings, they reflect the deepest parts of our soul. So yes, I could go around reading everyone’s aura for fun, and I have met those with this gift who do. However, you can rest assured that if you are around me, I will not be prying into your aura or thoughts simply for kicks and giggles.