Holy Spirits

I have been asked many times to come to a church or cemetery because of ghostly activity. Most of the time it is a very old church that has a hundred or more years of countless souls attached to it. While doing these investigations I often wondered, why? Why are the spirits staying at a specific location and not moving on to God’s Grace? As I continued (and still do) to help these lost souls at churches or cemeteries, I began to think if all Holy or consecrated sites have the same amount of activity, and if so, again, why?

So, I call them Holy Spirits, mostly because of the location the spirits are locked into. From an investigative standpoint, there can be a number of reasons for the soul to stay; unfinished business, fear of judgement, or the unknown beyond the church or cemetery they frequented in life. Another reason can be much more deceptive and harmful to the spirit, and that is that a demonic or negative entity has convinced the spirit that they are already in what they believe is Heaven. Why, you may ask? Power. The negative entity gains control of the soul and thereby can draw off from the soul energy to continue to spread its vile influence.

Our team has run into this on more than one occasion and trust me when I say that you have to, not just fight the demonic or negative energy, but also the lost souls that have been deceived into believing that they were already in their final resting place and enjoying their blissful eternity. Now, you might also be thinking that when laid to rest on consecrated ground, no evil can affect it. That is a mistake many people make, it only takes one person or incidence to allow a negative entity to gain access to a location that has been consecrated. 

An example of this is a call I got to help with an issue at a church. People who worked there noticed a subtle change in some of the employees and volunteers’ demeanor. A bit more snappish here, or a callous remark that was not a normal attitude from the person. During the investigation it was discovered that an old statue of the Blessed Mother had been used in satanic rights at another location and had been sitting in storage for quite some time. Yup, you guessed it, the statue had a demonic attachment and its evil intent was taking root. We, with the assistance of the Priest, banished the negative entity away, which allowed the Priest to consecrate the statue and the surrounding area, to include the church and cemetery, again.

Not everyone buried in a cemetery lead a “holy life” and not every person that devoutly went to church, went for the right reasons. So, there is ample evidence that those Holy Spirits buried on consecrated ground are still there, for the majority of the time, of their own volition. In cases like that, we strive to show these lost souls the way to the light.