Five Questions

People often ask me how I do what I do, you know, all the psychic stuff. Normally I answer people by telling them, and this is completely true, it just comes naturally. I think for many with these gifts there are natural inclinations, pulls in certain direction, and that is how us sensitives figure things out. However, since I am so frequently asked about training and daily routines/practices, I thought it would be helpful to give some insight into my personal preferences for dealing with the supernatural and spiritual.

I am going to list five questions. I will go into detail about each one and explain its significance. The purpose of these questions is so that you can then ask them of yourself in different situations as training tools, and to help you better process your experiences. After asking, listen for an answer. My hope is that this will be an exercise to help guide those of you that want to, into a deeper understand of your own abilities and tendencies as a sensitive. And if not, then here is a little look into how I think when dealing with spiritual encounters. These questions are a breakdown of what I can most often process in a matter of seconds to minutes, I am trying to put them in a format that almost shows step-by-step of what I now do by second nature.



  • Question 1: What is my initial feeling?

    First in, first out. That's what my dad always says, that's how he trained us, and that's how he trains everyone. For any of you who have worked with him I'm sure you can hear him saying this, because he says it all the time. Don't over analyze. If your initial feeling is bad, go with it, if it is good, go with it. Can our gut be wrong, sure. Is it more often than not correct? Yes. So whatever your initial feeling about an energy or a situation is, do not easily brush it off. I have had many circumstance where people have been like no you shouldn't feel that way, or that doesn't make sense, and then we uncover something and it all starts to add up. Learn to listen to your initial thoughts, your intuition.


  • Question 2: Am I physically sensing anything?

    What do I hear/see/feel/smell what seems to be out of the ordinary. This helps me to determine the level of activity, if there is a threat, something weird going on, what types of energies are present, and so on. For each sensitive the way we process these external stimuli will be different, which is totally okay. No one should try and do things in the exact way I do them because that is likely not the correct way for them. Trial and error here, what works best for you, and what actually works. You may not see anything ever, but constantly hear, or vice-versa. Find what your comfortable with and what your best at.  


  • Question 3: Am I forcing something?

    This one is particularly tricky, and even the most experienced medium can fall prey to this. We often do this (ghost hunting/spiritual exploration, etc), because we want to, we enjoy it. But, that sometimes means we want something to happen, or we want answers, or we want a certain situation to be true. If we have such a strong desire for any of these things or the like, it is not bad, however we have to be able to control our desire and not let it get the best of what is really happening.

    Now, this can be hard to decipher. When are we, “matrixing,” or creating something that isn't there. I would argue that there is a difference between doubting yourself and feeling unsure if something really happened. And I think if you pay close enough attention, you will find this to be true.


  • Question 4: What type of communication am I receiving?

    The more you use your abilities the more you will be able to tell how different types of entities communicate with you. For some, their loved ones communicate based on feeling/touch and never verbal.. For some people, soldiers on a battlefield always only communicate visually. These people may hear or speak or feel in other situations but they communicate with a certain group in a specific way. The type of communication can tell you about the strength of an entity based on how well and how strongly they can communicate to you. Also, what they are saying/doing/how they appear, can all be indicators of what their intentions are.


  • Question 5: Am I trusting myself?

    For me this is a paramount question. It goes beyond just initial feelings, it is truly trusting your intuition. Trusting that you are capable to communicate, discern, and protect yourself and those around you. Trusting that you can handle any situation that arises. If a negative energy enters the picture, or if a soul needs help crossing over, trusting that your intuition will guide you to make the best choices. This comes with time, but trusting yourself will only make you better at what you do.


There it is, my baseline, what I do immediately within the first seconds of walking into any situation. Try asking them to yourself to help guide you in your next encounter. My hope is that they may help you learn what kind of sensitive you are. And if that isn't your thing, thanks for reading and following along, hopefully you all have enjoyed this glimpse into my thought process (not as scary as it seems).


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