Fighting the Fear

“Talk them into the light, you can have a conversation with them.”



When exploring Civil War sites there are a plethora of options to pick from. Some are so popular you wouldn't need to be a history buff to know them; Gettysburg, Antietam, Bull Run. Others are little hidden gems. One of my most favorite of these is Point Lookout Confederate Cemetery. Almost to the end of of Maryland, and quite in the middle of nowhere, it is not a place you get to by accident.


    Like many battlefields, war sites, or any place where there was traumatic, violent, and sudden loss of life, there is much unsettled energy. Be it the general atmosphere or ghosts themselves, a level of uneasiness is to be expected. These places also tend to be a breeding ground for negative energy. It may be negative energy itself, being perpetuated by the lost souls in the area, and the evil ones lurking about.

At Point Lookout, when trying to cross souls over into the light, we often have to fight against their own fear. They are afraid to cross for one reason or another. Some common instances we encounter:

  • A person who was evil in life stays earth-bound and remains in an area to trap and torture souls

  • A demonic energy steps in and traps the souls in an area

  • A demonic energy steps in and creates a false reality for the souls so they do not want to leave, or they fear leaving

  • Another living human uses their abilities to trap souls in a given area

These are just a few of the most common instances we encounter. At a later time we can delve in greater detail into the nuances of each unique situation. For now these examples will suffice.

At Point Lookout we have encountered the first example, of an evil person remaining, and the second one, of a demonic energy stepping in. Both situations trigger a number of reactions from the other energies in the area. Firstly, those under the influence of the negative entity, (again I am talking about in these particular situations), are often begging for help, or, telling us to back off because we can't possibly fight and win against this energy.

Next, we have those souls that are in the area, know what has been taking place, but are not under the influences of a negative entity. They often do one of two things. Either they give us useful information on what has been taking place, or they also try to get us to back off because they think it is too dangerous. Then we have the negative entity itself. Often over-confident, and extremely prideful (shocking, I know), these energies generally exhibit an extreme amount of vibrato before we send them packing.

Again, these are just the most common instances and reactions, and the ones we have most often encountered at Point Lookout, but not the only.

So what do we do from here? We have souls who are afraid and trapped; they are afraid of the evil entity, and/or they are afraid of what will happen if we try to make it leave. So there is a whole lot of frear rolling around and that is exactly what the bad guys want. So what do we do?

We do what we do best, and what comes naturally to all of us, we kick the evil out and we lead souls into the light. Now, I am not going to be delving into the details of the process in this blog, but it is important to note that this is what is happening.

I want to focus on is what I do as a medium to help fearful souls cross into the light. Now a soul can be afraid for a number of reasons, and it would be ridiculous to try and list them all. It will suffice to say that often they are afraid of leaving, judgement, not being able to come back, of the unknown.

So when a soul is hesitant to cross over, I talk to them. As I would do anyway, but I am often directed to do, or called to another group because I have the gift of holding full conversations with energies. “Talk them into the light, Em. They just need to understand. They will be able to talk to you.” Something I often hear.

So that is how I fight the fear. How I fight against negative energy. I speak. God gave us the gift of speech, He gave me the gift to speak to those others cannot, and there is power in words. I use my words in many different ways. Simultaneously as a weapon in my arsenal to fight against fear and a tool to bring peace to lost souls.