I am often asked, when facing major negative energy, where do I find the confidence to take it on. It may come in the form of negative energy directed at myself or others and not an actual entity, or maybe it is an entity that is attached to someone, something, or a place. Maybe it is easey to deal with, or maybe it is very powerful and is causing a lot of damage. Whatever the circumstance, people seem to wonder if it has always been easy for me to be confident no matter the situation. The answer is unequivocally, no.

When I first started out my confidence was nonexistent. I was scared to deal with anything negative, and I especially wasn't going to do it alone. I would never have walked into a room or a building by myself the way I would today without thinking about it. What I have realized now is that I had no faith.

Now, this isn't to say that I had no faith in God. I did, but there was doubt. I was so afraid of something happening to me, or someone around me, I let those fears overwhelm what I knew was true; God would always protect me. However, I made myself weak when I did not have strong faith.

So, naturally, I was like, hey, I know I just need to have faith God will protect me. And, like you would expect, this helped. Mostly. Let me explain. It wasn’t a quick process, but once I figured out what I needed, I worked everyday to fight fear and grow faith. It helped in ways such as my shields being better and I felt more fortified and safer. I knew that I would always be protected, my confidence was fully in the Lord.

However, when it came to fighting against negative energy, I was still falling short. I was confused for a long time. I was confident in God, in what He could and would do to protect me and defeat evil. But, what I came to notice is that I still did not believe in myself. As I thought about this more though, I struggled. Why did it matter that I didn’t believe in myself, I believed in God, that was all I needed.

Here's the thing. When fighting against negativity in any form, it is God who gives us our abilities (this is how we view our abilities, some may think differently) to do so. But, we are a necessary part of this equation, we are the tool. And in order to be an effective tool, we need to not only believe in God, but in ourselves, and in our ability to carry out the task at hand no matter how challenging.

And so this is where I am today. Learning more and more every single day to have confidence in myself, even when it isn't easy. Because I cannot do what I need to if I don't believe in myself. I saw someone the other day talk about expecting greatness of yourself, because if you didnt, who would, and how would you ever achieve it. So friends, that is what we have to do to be the most effective we can be in all that we do; God will always be there, but we have to have the confidence to implement the gifts he gives us.     


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