Cleansing the Aura

As sensitives it is important that we make sure to keep our own personal energy clean and safe. It is likely that those of you that are sensitives have either been trained or have self-trained on various ways to cleanse your aura and to shield yourself from negative or unwanted spirits or energies. But, I firmly believe that we, as sensitives, must continue to increase our knowledge in the various ways to protect, not just ourselves, but others as well. So, I’ve decided for this blog post to write about the basics of cleansing your aura. I will post the basics for shielding on my next blog post for those of you out there that have not had the training or a mentor to help you along through the various stages of becoming a sensitive.


    There are a variety of methods you can use to cleanse your aura. Some people use prayer, asking for God to cleanse them of all unwanted attachments. Others meditate, using breathing and visualization to cleanse themselves. I teach, and prefer, to start my students with the Native American technique I was shown. I have found that this method is an easy and simple form for someone to follow and does a great job of doing exactly what we want which is to get rid of the bad mojo! This method is visual, breathing, and spoken word so that you engage all aspects of the communication levels of your mind, body and soul. This is a method I have refined over the years, but first read about it in Kenneth Meadows’ book, Shamanic Journey.


    You also need to know that your aura is actually more “egg shaped rather than a perfect circle. For the purpose of cleansing it, just see it around your body, about three feet from your center. Everyone has an aura area of various lengths, for instance, mine is 144 feet from the center of my body. It is directly tied into how much energy you use and move on a daily basis. 


    The first step is getting your breathing right. I use the four Count Rhythm of breathing. Sitting so your back is straight and your feet are planted firmly on the floor or ground, close your eyes and breath for a count of four through your nose. Now you hold your breath for a count of four, then breathe out through your mouth (yup, part them lips and breathe out so you can hear it), then pause for a count of four. Repeat three times. While doing this it is important that you clear your mind of all thoughts, just focus on the breathing and opening up to the rhythm of the universe.


    The next step is to just breathe regularly; still breathing through the nose and then out through your mouth, but you do not need to hold or pause any longer. As you are breathing, see your feet becoming tree roots growing down into the earth so that you can now access earth energy. Once you have seen this part of the process firmly in your mind’s eye, you are now ready for the next step.


At this point you should say, “I am cleansing my aura of all unwanted negative energy and attachments; sending them to where they can do no harm.” Now, still seeing your “roots” firmly in the ground, I want you to breathe in (always through your nose and out through your mouth) for a 10 count (this where I have adjusted Meadows’ method, I have found the 10 count to be more effective) and as you do this I want you to visualize the earth energy, as a silver light, traveling up through your “roots” in the ground, up through legs and your entire body and then holding it in the crown of your head, which is called the (you guessed it!) Crown Chakra. You should feel a slight pressure and tingling around the crown of your head at this point; if not, don’t worry as not everyone always feels this initially.


    Now, part your lips and forcibly breath out for a count of 10 and as you do visualize the silver earth energy bursting out of your crown chakra like a roman candle (just like the fireworks) and see it raining down on your aura and puddling at your feet. Do not be surprised if you feel a hard tingle all the way down you spine, that is a common occurrence. At the end of this part, breathe in again for a 10 count, pull up the silver energy from the puddle at your feet and back up to your crown chakra. Hold it for a second and then breathe out again seeing the silver energy rain down over your aura. Do this method three times and then after the final time say aloud, “Aura Seal.” Give you hand and arms a slight shake, and then pointing your hands (palms open) towards the ground and visualize any excess energy left over back into the earth, thereby giving back to it and grounding yourself as well.