Another Surprise

I genuinely hope our readers aren’t the kind that hate surprises, because then this week must have been horrible. A new podcast, an evidence page, and now another surprise. And, it’s not about to get better anytime soon. There’s yet another exciting announcement coming next week!

Myself and my father, Team Leader Patrick Burke, were featured on a podcast focusing on a local county and it’s ghost stories. We were so grateful to be invited and had a wonderful time! To listen click here.

On the episode we discussed some of our own personal stories and some famous stories from around the area. We talked about a few key pieces of evidence, so I wanted to share them with you here and describe them in more detail.


This picture is from the guest room at the Dr. Mudd’s House. You can see the flash just right of center, but there is something else towards the left side. A closer look will reveal the back of a boy. You can make out the back of the head, turned profile, see detail in the hair. Below that, the collar can be made out before no more is seen.

This is what we call a partial apparition, it is not fully formed or full-body. We believe this, based on our experience at that moment, to be Andrew Mudd, one of Dr. Mudd’s sons. The children were told not to go in the room Booth was in, however, being older, Andrew decided he would take a peak. And this is that moment.


This next piece is one of my all time favorites. It is so clear and detailed we have have people specializing in this period, who know in detail about the clothing, be able to tell us out the apparition’s outfit.

As you can see, the window bar goes over the apparition, so she is outside the window. This photograph was taken from the attic. Three stories up.

The dress, we noticed, is low cut. We were informed by an expert that, in fact, this would have been a night dress, and you can see a shawl draped around her arms, in the case someone came to the door late at night. This is Nelly Mudd, we believe. This is based on personal experience at the Mudd house, as well as the clear facial detail you can see that bears a strong resemblance.

The Dr. Mudd House has always been an incredible place to investigate, and we love bringing groups there. To see some more evidence in general, and from the Mudd House, visit our Evidence page. If you are interested in experiencing it for yourself, join us on the 27th for an investigation of the House and property. Info can be found here.

We throughly enjoyed talking about the ghosts of Charles County, and hope you will give the podcast a listen to hear more of what we had to say, and some of our personal experiences!

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Thanks for stopping by, talk to y’all next Friday!