An Invitation

Invitation: a written or verbal request inviting someone to go somewhere or to do something, or, a situation or action that tempts someone to do something or makes a particular outcome likely. The way an invite in the physical world works is very similar to the way it works in the spirit world. If you have ever been investigating or in training with us, you have likely heard us talk about “inviting something” in. It may be energy, or a spirit, or a situation. The point is that our thoughts and words matter. Let me give a few examples.

One of the most common instances where we see this happen is with the use of Ouija Boards. We have been called on many occasions where someone, or a group of people, use a board and then ~strange~ things start happening. Sometimes it is an attachment on an individual, or multiple people, sometimes it is a energy or spirit that has come through, sometimes it is playful, but often it is malevolent.

In one particular case there were multiple boards buried on one property. Those living there had been seeing shadows, experienced sleep paralysis, nightmares, would wake-up feeling like someone was watching them, many members of the household were exhibiting out of character mood swings, and they all would often feel uncomfortable in their own home. To sum it all up, there were multiple demonic energies and negative energies present that had come as a result of the boards.

How did this happen? Some people may ask for these negative energies to come through when playing with boards, but this family did not. However, having no experience in the supernatural, the family simply asked for communication from the other side. This was an invitation. They had opened a portal to the other side without being aware they did so or having the knowledge to close it.

If you do not know what you’re doing, you cannot control what is going to come through. And because most people don’t, I am not a big fan of Ouija Boards. So now you know, it's not a good idea, don't play with it, and if you do don't call me I won't come help (okay, I will because I’m nice but I will be disappointed in you).

Example #2, some of my dad’s cousins went to go visit Gettysburg Battlefield. They explored Gettysburg, the town and the Battlefield, and called my dad for advice on where to go what to see and any history/paranormal questions they had. They left feeling like they had a great trip. A few days after their return they called my dad. Again, ~strange~ occurrences were happening at their house, and only since they returned from their trip.

My dad went to check out the situation. Sure enough, objects were being moved, cabinets and doors being open and closed, and lights turned on and off. My dad sensed two male energies, both dressed as if they were Civil War era soldiers. After scoping this out and talking to them, one of my cousins finally said, “Well, we jokingly said anyone who wanted to come home with us could.” Bingo, an invitation.

To teach them a lesson (he’s meaner than me), my dad had them tell the two energies it was time to go back and that they had to get in the car. They drove back to Gettysburg and told the energies they had to stay here, and could not follow them home. When they returned home all the activity stopped.

My point in all this is that people are often excited and fascinated by the supernatural, and I am all for that enthusiasm. However, without proper research, guidance, and technical training, you could unknowingly invite something harmful into your life. So be careful and be cautious, not everything is always as it seems.

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