Hi friends, it’s been a hot minute. I want to talk about something, something I think is really important. Something that has happened to many friends and colleagues who we work with in this field. It comes in two sorts of ways, in my experience. However, the end result is the same, being absent from the spiritual world.

The first way that this happens to people is through becoming what we refer to as, “burned-out.” This refers to someone who has spent so much time using their abilities recently that they become mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. By recently I mean it normally takes a couple weeks, or sometimes for people with very strong abilities, a few months for this to set in. Because they are using their abilities, they are by extension consistently stepping into the Zero Point Field (ZPF). For some, this constant in-and-out can be very hard on them. For others, they are using their abilities so frequently they just simply stay in the ZPF.

The problem with this is the amount of energy it takes. A few intense hours in the ZPF is enough for every single sensitive I know to be very tired, and depending on the intensity, exhausted and drained. The prolonged exposure to the ZPF naturally means a prolonged break from it. And that is where the absence comes in. I have seen some people be, “out of commission” if you will, for up to six months because they were so drained.

The second way this commonly happens is if someone is deterred in some way from using their abilities. Mostly this happens through the influence of negative energy. It may be subtle, and just discourage a person form being dedicated and focused on their gifts and training. It may be more severe, where a person is being spiritually attacked, specifically to discourage them from using their abilities. For people who do this kind of thing all the time, it can come in any kind of form. However, if effected enough, the end result is the same. Absence.

I wanted to discuss this because I don’t think it is something we as sensitives talk about enough, or give credit to. We just think, oh yea it can be difficult but that’s just part of it. Well, it is, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. So, is there a solution?

While I haven’t exactly been a victim of the first one, I’ve been almost there, but caught it as I was just beginning to feel burned-out. On the other hand, the second one, that happens ALL the time. To solve the first problem, it is important to just listen to your body and spirit. Pushing yourself is important to an extent, but there is such a thing as too far. So listen to what your intuition is telling you, and remember to always give yourself a break. I know many sensitives don’t want to miss an opportunity to help someone, living or passed on, but you won’t be any good or any help burned-out.

Solving the second problem is also possible, in my mind. I have to remind myself that while attacks are most definitely never going to cease, constant bombardment doesn’t have to be, and shouldn’t be, normal. I work on my cleansing and shielding all the time, but I work even harder in times when I feel an excess of negative pressure around me, and this is the approach I would suggest to others in similar situations. Also, I increase the amount I pray. This is just a personal thing I feel like really helps me to remain grounded and focused to not let the negative energy overwhelm me.

However, I know all too well that in the midst of these situations it isn’t all that simple. That is why we are going to be tackling this topic in an upcoming podcast. Which, speaking of absence, we have been adjusting and revamping and in the next few weeks we will have new episodes for you.

My dad (Patrick, most of you know this but for those that don’t), and I switched this week because we decided he was best suited to post in remembrance of Pearl Harbor. We are excited about some upcoming projects and will be back on our normal schedule from now on and will be bring you some new and exciting content and events. Thanks for hanging in there with us, everyone. See y’all next week.