A Quick Question

Tonight we are going to keep it short and sweet, and I am going to pose one question to you, hence,  a quick question.

What type of investigator are you?

When determining how each team member functions in the group structure, we must consider how they can best serve the group. Naturally, how they best serve the group, at least the way we do things, is how they also best serve the spirits. So then, how do we determine this?

For me, I was always talking and hearing and seeing, and whatever else you can think of at a very high level. So, being a Zero Point Field Medium just naturally fit. Now, I function as the team’s main Investigative Medium. I can best help the spirits in this way, but it also serves the team well.

Now, some people may read this question and think, “I am not really an investigator.” But, you are. If you are sensing things and you are helping energies, or trying to, or even if you are just attempting to open up and grow your abilities, you are an investigator. You are trying to learn and solve, either for yourself, or others (living and passed on), or a little of both.

My sister, Shannon, functions as an empath. I spoke some about this in the last blog. We found this out mid-investigation at the West Woods in Antietam. If you know anything about empaths, and anything about the obvious high emotional nature of a battlefield, you can imagine the type of situation that unfolded. However, this description will suffice for our purposes, and I will leave the story for her to tell at a later date.

Moving on, my point is that now she functions as an empath within our team structure. Some people do better with technology, it seems to heighten their abilities. Kent is like this. We found this out by putting him on the ghost box. Dave wrote a blog addressing technology and abilities, find it here.

Kent is one of quite a few people who I have known that have actually increased their ability level by using the ghost box. First it was only when he was using it that he would have heightened sense. However, as time went on and he used it more, his abilities in general became stronger and more honed.

So, what I would say, and what we generally tell people, is do what feels natural, because often that is the best place for you to be. Do exactly what you feel called to do, and use equipment that you feel called to use. This is always a little trial and error, but in the end I am sure you will be able to answer the question, what type of investigator are you?

Feel free to share your thoughts and stories in the comments. See y’all next week!  

Two things before you go:

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