A Moment in Time

Sometimes it pays not to have the equipment running.


As paranormal investigators, we all want to have that moment when the stars align, or the moon is in the right phase, or just maybe fate had you at the right place at the right time, and you capture the moment in history -the Ghost Soldier crossing the wall at Gettysburg, the lower half of a soldier at Antietam near the Bloody lane, the clear and direct EVP. We research the site we are going to investigate, and then we research the research to make sure we have all the research! We load up the various equipment and head out to try and capture a paranormal event.


I am going to tell a story about the time when I took a group on a nighttime investigation at Antietam Battlefield (that’s Sharpsburg for my Southern fellows!). I needed to do some further investigating at a few specific locations before I was going to shoot a pilot for a possible TV show, Ghost Soldiers. As I normally do, I broke the group into five-person teams and one member of each team had the information packet with the details about the location, so they would be the validating person for any information the Sensitives may be getting.


I normally take time to move from team to team so that I get the chance to work with each person on the team and help out on any of the tests they may be doing. I will travel from each group by myself, and as it often happens, I get to have some interaction with the various Ghost Soldiers. On this night I had been at the Dunkard Church which was a field hospital during and after the battle. The team had several people in the church working on getting some EVP, and two other members were near the backside of the West Woods close to where General Hood (CSA) had rallied his and other Confederate troops after his gallant charge into Miller’s Cornfield. In the church, one of the team members had gotten an EVP that answered two direct questions. The first question was “are you a Confederate” and the male voice answered “yes”. The second question was “where are you from?” and the male voice answered “Georgia”. Not only did the recorder capture this, but several members of this team actually heard the responses as well!


Then I moved to the Sunken Road, also called Bloody Lane; aptly named as more than 2,500 Confederate soldiers died in this lane while doing a like amount of damage to the Union troops trying to take the lane from them. As I moved down the lane, past the road to the Roulette Farm, I looked down that road and saw a massive paranormal myst rolling up the side of the hill near the road and moving out of site into the cornfield. Even though I had my trusted camcorder with me and a digital recorder as well, I decided to shut them off as I first started walking down the lane. My hope was that I would have a more personal moment with the Ghost Soldiers if I simply picked a spot, hunkered down in the lane and just opened up to the environment around me.


I picked the area after the Roulette Farm lane, just past the steps from the open field in front of the parking area. The normal night noises where active, but I could feel a sense of urgency in the area as I simply sat down and quietly told the “boys” I was just here to see if they would share a moment in time with me. I sat there for about 20 minutes, when suddenly the atmosphere changed from an urgency to a more apprehensive climate. That was when I realized that all of the night sounds had disappeared. I heard the shifting of feet as men adjusted themselves to prepare to take some sort of action. I heard the sounds of accoutrements shifting as bodies moved around me, then the question, “Now?” and an answer that seemed like a drawl to me, “Not Yeet, not Yeet!”.


And then it was gone. The normal night sounds came back in a rush, and the air was most certainly lighter than just a moment before. All I could do was sit there for a few minutes as I absorbed what had just happened. I quietly thanked those brave men for allowing me a glimpse into their personal story.


I know that we all have the same goal; to capture that piece of evidence that proves there is more to life than just being born, living, and then dying. That life continues. For me, and all that I have experienced and done, that answer is easy - yes, there is life after death. And to be able to capture that proof is very exhilarating and extremely satisfying. But, sometimes we need to take a moment and not forget that the spirits we are trying to interact with were alive just like us; they had hopes, dreams, and desires. For many on these hallowed grounds their lives were cut abruptly and horribly short. Sometimes these Ghost Soldiers just want to share a personal moment with you, to acknowledge you are there to interact with them. 


So, the next time you are out investigating, I would suggest that you take a moment, turn off the equipment, and see how the spirits just might give you a personal glimpse into their moment in time.