A Day in the Life

(Hi all, sorry for the absence, I have been fighting a cold and was not quite feeling on my A-game. But I am happy to return, will be posting regularly, and hope you enjoy the blog!)

To say people have many questions when they find out I am a medium is a gross understatement. Examples include, but are not limited to; How do you do it? Do you see things all the time? Is it weird? Is it scary? What’s that scariest thing that has ever happened to you? Do things ever wake you up? Do your friends know? Does your boyfriend know? How long have you had these abilities?

Now, I will not be addressing all of these questions, but I will address quite a few by describing what a normal day for me is like. Let me be clear, not all days are like this, some are far more active, some are far less. But, I will give you an idea of any of a number of things that occur throughout my day.

Firstly, everyone close to me knows. It is a part of me, and to be a part of my life, it is just something you would have to be cool with. I have been talking about seeing things/people that were not there or were dead since I was two years old. The scariest thing that has ever happened to me? We’re saving that for Halloween, so stay tuned.

The mornings are usually the calmest part of my day. I wake up, do my prayers and meditate and go on from there. Sometimes I will wake up seeing something, but it is not common, and happens most often when I am somewhere other than my own house. This is because we heavily protect our house and the house is not haunted itself. However, a friend’s house or a hotel may be, so I am more likely to see something.

As my day goes on I often refresh my shields and cleanse. This is to ensure that I am not picking up others’ negative energy, or as we often call it, junk. Picking up emotional junk from others can affect our own mood. I have had it happen to me numerous times. However, as I have grown in my abilities, it happens less often. If you are interested in learning basics, check out these posts on Cleansing and Shielding.

My lovely little sister, an empath, is exponentially more likely to have this happen to her. Even with her shields up, she is still susceptible because her whole thing is understanding and taking on others’ emotions. So, being around someone who is extremely angry, sad, depressed, etc… can affect her personal mood. During investigations, when emotions are high, Dad and I often have to shield her repeatedly and heavily to keep her from turning into what we have endearingly nicknamed her, Waterworks.

Moving on, often throughout the day I will see energies. Good, bad, and everything in between. Sometimes I will end up doing crossovers, or giving people messages. Again, it depends on where I am and who I am with. But everyday I see energies around of all different types.

One place I often see energies is at acupuncture treatments. This is because part of my treatment focuses on spiritual aspects. I highly recommend acupuncture to everyone, but especially to those trying to open up their abilities. I have had people come back and tell me they felt like acupuncture significantly helped them in opening up. If you are in the Maryland area, and are considering trying it out, I highly highly recommend Rosemary. Here is her website, http://1v74.com/BodyMindSpirit-acupuncture-and-wellness/. My point is, my days are often very active, my energy more level, and my spirit rejuvenated when I have an acupuncture appointment.

Last night my family went out to dinner. We were waiting for our food and Shannon turned to me to tell me about a friend whom we have been training recently. He called her to say he was seeing shadowy figures at work again. This has been happening since we have helped him open up his abilities. It is very common, and of course we warned him in advance. These kinds of calls are common given that we do a great deal of personal training.

We went on to talk about if it was negative energy or if her was the type of person who sees all energy in shadow form. Both are possible.

This is normal dinner conversation for us. The night went on and we came home. Now, this is where much of the activity I experience happens daily. It is also commonly the most intense. Most nights, right before I am about to sleep, I will either start to have dreams with messages and fall asleep that way, or negative energies will show up.

While some of the things I mentioned happen often or occasionally, this happens most every night. It is something I am accustomed to, and feel no stress or anger about. Some may find this worrisome or uncomfortable, but it is something we deal with on a daily basis, and I am more than happy take whatever on if it means we can keep doing the good work we do.

All and all, my days may be weird to some, but the shielding, and training, and seeing things is my normal. I am happy to accept all parts that come along with doing what we do. So do I see things all the time? No. Do I see things everyday and often? Yes. Would I change it for anything in the world? Not a chance.

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