Shielding Your Aura

Shielding your aura; yup, even you need to do it!


OK, so we talked about the basics of cleansing your aura and sealing it on my last blog. It is important. Even if you aren’t a sensitive, do it. It helps keep all the negative gunk off you! So now we will go into the basic method we teach for shielding your aura; keep in mind, both methods are just the basics, there is much more to cleansing and protecting than just these two methods. But I have found that using building blocks for my students is the best way to facilitate the learning.


Remember the 4-count breathing exercise (if you didn’t get a chance to read my Cleansing your Aura blog, do so before doing this exercise) I laid out for you, that gets you into the rhythm of the universe. Get into your comfortable relaxed mode; whether it is sitting, or laying down, and do the 4-count until you feel fully relaxed. Once you have achieved this, just breath in through the nose (always) and out through the mouth (yup, always). Say in your mind or aloud, which ever works for you, the following; “I am placing an invisible shield around my aura. This shield is impenetrable, nothing that is negative, malicious, harmful or wanting to do me harm, can penetrate this shield.” Now, breath in for a 10-count, long strands of golden light through each nostril. When doing this, it is important that you visualize the action completely, the length of the light strands is not important, they can be as short or long as you want.


At the end of your 10-count, breath out, through your mouth, forcibly. It should be a good firm breath for another 10-count. As you are breathing out see your auric shell being covered in a golden light. Be sure to cover your auric shell completely, no holes! Again, you must fully visualize this process in order for it to be affective. You should do this three times and when you are done you auric shield will be in place. While doing the first step and then the second step, do not be surprised if you feel a slight buzzing or pinpricks as you do this, that is just the flow of energy coursing through your body as you get read to use it for your shielding.


Now, here is your bonus round! If you want to strengthen your auric shield, then you need to do one more action. You know how sometimes you just know someone or a group of people just don’t like you? Yeah, we all have people like that in our lives well, their thoughts can affect your aura, even form a distance. So, to make our auric shield more effective, we add in a reflective shield. Basically, it works like this; you got an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend or ex-husband/wife who just wants the worst for you. Their thoughts can put a lot of negative energy on your aura and those constant thoughts can be harmful to your auric shield. So, the reflective shield is used to bounce off all negative thoughts directed at you, and that negative energy goes right back to, you guessed it, the sender!


Ok, here’s what you do. Once you do the golden light shielding, you will immediately breath in a 10-count of a steady stream of silver light, through both nostrils. As you breathe out for a 10-count, infuse your auric shield with the silver light and say quietly in your head, “I am placing a reflective shield that will reflect all negative thoughts sent to me back to the sender.” Your reflective shield is in place and you should be feeling a bit lighter as your day starts. The shielding should be done first thing in the morning and again in the evening, however, you should always do your shielding (and as I stated before, your cleansing) whenever you feel the need for it. And most certainly, whenever going on an investigation or doing a reading for another person (if you do reads).