Outsourced Labor

You know I have spent a great deal of talking about how intention is the key to a majority of the life around us…you can intend a lot, but that gets you nothing without putting some work behind it. I can put forth all the intention in the world into putting a new Porsche in my driveway, but without putting some effort out there to make it happen, it’s not.

As usual, it was a book that crossed my path this week that got me thinking down this path and connecting the dots with strings of red yarn and looking at the intersections of the strings where the truth usually lays hidden. The book was The Siren Call of Hungry Ghosts: A Riveting Investigation Into Channeling and Spirit Guides by Joe Fisher (link here: https://amzn.to/2NSAcUq). I have not been able to acquire a copy yet, but the conversation surrounding it was enough to peak my attention. It’s not so much the book that I want to address this week, although I may in the future if I can get a copy of it in the not too distant future, but the context of the conversation around it. Granted it’s impossible to discuss the conversation without at least touching on the book, so I will very briefly skirt it.

The Siren Call of Hungry Ghosts was a book project that the author started intending to go down one path in his writings but was eventually led down a whole other one. Joe Fisher’s intention with this book was originally to validate Channeling (Channeling is a concept in spiritualism where a person allows their body to be used by the ghost of a dead person or another type of spirit, who can then talk to the others present through them). Joe met a medium and joined a group focused on the entities that came through the said medium and what they were trying to teach. As stated before, he was so intrigued by this that he wanted to write a book proving that Channeling was real and could be validated. They came through with stories and tales or love and light, promises of better futures, and putting the group members in touch with their past lives and spirit guides. There was a Primary Entity that was named Russell who acted as coordinator for all the entities on the other side and the group members on this one. (An important note here is that the medium became gained her ability to channel by accident as she was undergoing hypnotic treatments to alleviate the sickness and pain she felt from leukemia treatments. It was under only under hypnosis that the entities were able to come forward. While in trance, she had no recollection of these interactions and only found out what was going on by session recordings and word of mouth). Joe was entranced by this and pulled in as Russell started feed him info on a long lost soulmate from Greece that had transformed into his spirit guide. Since she was from there and lived there her whole life, Greek was the only language she spoke. So when she was channeled, all that she said was in Greek and Russell would have to be summoned to act as an interpreter…he collected this info and much more about other spirits that came through providing names, dates, locations, and occupations of them while they were living.

Once Joe had collected enough info, he hit the road to go and validate the spirits, so he could complete his book. The trip started rough as he traveled the world and visited many small hole in the wall libraries and other places that contained historical records. As he would come to a location a certain spirit would say they were from, he could only validate 2/3 of what was given to him at best. It seemed that the spirits were only feeding him half-truths and seemingly making up the rest. This began to color Joe’s point of view in a wholly different manner. In a last ditch effort to prove it was not all bunk that he was given, he went to Greece to track down the info about his soulmate turned guide, since surely she would not mislead him.


Joe got to the border of Greece but was not let into the country due to some issue with his passport (or something similar) and had to wait for special permission to be granted by the Greek government to come into the country. To kill time, he would sit at the café of this little border town while waiting on word. While there he befriended an old Greek gentleman and finally relayed his story to them. Joe went so far as to play a recording of one of the session where his soulmate came through so that maybe they could give him some insight in on it. The two gentlemen listened very carefully, spoke to each other a little bit after it was over, and then went on to inform him that his soulmate was not speaking Greek but just absolute gibberish. As you can imagine, this was the final straw that broke Joe’s back…he packed up his stuff and went on home without even stepping foot in Greece.

In summary, Joe’s personal story was only one of many that all fit this very vein of entities out there acting as tricksters and going out of their way to mislead and misinform us. This book goes into much greater detail in to Joe’s and other’s stories…it’s even believed that exposing the truths in his book is what led to his very, very mysterious death. But that is another tale for another time.

The conversation that surrounded this book and subject matter was that of how willing people are to blindly follow and put faith in things if its painted with the colors of love and light. People hop on whatever floats their way with the promise of “if you follow this or that or whatever, as long as you submit your free will all will be well in your world”. Sad to say, humans are naturally lazy and are quick to sign on the dotted line of anything as long as it grants instant gratification. We work harder at finding shortcuts than we would if we just worked on things ‘the old-fashioned way’…this is no more truer than in our spiritual life.

 Take for instance the lessons being taught by the others on this site (please check out all these articles submitted by the outstanding authors on this site here https://www.findyoursparc.com/itonlytakesasparc/). Whether its aura cleansing, getting in tune with your gifts, psychometry, self-confidence and trusting your intuition, or any number of things there is no quick and speedy way to work in the spirit. All things come in due time through hard work, discipline, and most of all patience…not all practices work for all people and at the same pace. Sometimes they only click into place when you are ready for it (and that time is for Spirit to decide, not you). Too many people are too ready to sign away control over in their life for instant access to something they think they want, but when it comes time for the powers that be come to collect the what is owed, folks act shocked at what it truly cost them.

And just to make sure that everyone understands, I include myself in all of this. Too often, and Patrick will probably chastise me for this, I let my discipline slip and let work, home, or a multitude of other outside influences pull me away from my spiritual practices and distract me from working on myself. I keep trying to justify it or make excuses or tell myself I will double up during my next study hour but in all honesty, I am full of horse crap…once you break that discipline, its gone and you have to work to put it back in place. There is no making up for it, you either do something or you don’t…it’s as straight forward as that. Thankfully I am working at making myself better about it and I am strengthening my support structure by continuing to surround myself with those on similar paths as me. We are all works in progress and will only get out life what work we truly put into it.

So in my final words and a slightly light hearted but still educational thought, don’t think that this kind of thing is just isolated to people that work in spirit. Folks all across the board, involving many other areas of the paranormal have such issues. Just think of the Contactees that are told not to worry and that the promised saviors are going to come from the sky and save us all from ourselves, but until that day comes they politely ask us to bend over, grab our ankles, and hold this probe for them…pretty much sums it up right there.