When History Touches You

There is an advantage to going to a haunted location multiple times, familiarity. Not just for you; you get to know the area’s hot-spots, the spirits that “hang-out” at the various locations, but the energies that linger there also get to know you! By going to a location at different times, dates and seasons, you will get multiple results and the data you get will allow you to start correlating that information. Why the haunting is happening, when the activity spikes, and if the activity repeats? You will be able to effectively ascertain what part of the haunting is residual or interactive.


If you go enough times you should be able to capture the spirits communicating to you directly, and that, my friends, is when history touches you. I have been to Gettysburg Battlefield so many times that I have lost count. One of my favorite locations to go to is The Triangular Field. It is one of the locations on the battlefield that was fought over not once, not twice, but three times, and some of the most ferocious hand to hand fighting happened there.


Allow me to walk you through one of my experiences when history touched me. Every time I go to the Triangular Field I have an experience, here are just a few of them. I have heard the 1st Arkansas running up hill towards Houck’s Ridge; I was with my follow Wolf Pack buddy, Mike Hartness, we were about halfway down into the Triangular Field near the side wall on the gate side of the field when suddenly the wind simply died. Everything went quiet and then I heard the sounds of hundreds of men running in the woods just beyond the wall. I looked at Mike and he said, “You hear that?” “Hell yea!” I answered and we both went running up the filed towards the wall. As we got closer I could hear the sounds of accoutrements slapping branches and bodies. As we got to the wall it just as suddenly stopped.


At the top of the wall I captured my first apparition, a Confederate ghost soldier crossing the wall, along with a wolf and a Native American face. When I show up the first thing I say is, “Hey boys, I’m back.” And then I feel their energy start to gather around and begin to interact with me. On one day trip there I took some friends that had a couple of the Double-Blind Ghost Boxes (DBGB) with them. As Shawn set up his DBGB on the outside of the Triangular Field, right where the 124th NY infantry tried to hold the wall from the Texans and the Georgians, he already had the DBGB live and was calling out what the spirits were saying. He said, “round tops” as I approached the large boulder he was leaning on when I said, “Hey Boys, I’m back and I got some friends with me.” Suddenly Shawn says, “He’s Back…Patrick’s Here.”


Now, let me clarify for you again, how we operate the DBGB. The person listening has his or her eyes closed and the head phones over their ears. The volume is turned up, so the person listening is not able to hear any conversations or questions asked. So, when I heard Shawn say that, I knew that these ghost soldiers not only knew my energy and who I was, but they also appreciated that I was there to directly interact with them, not just catch some paranormal evidence. That day we crossed over a bunch of ghost soldiers into the light and it was a pretty awesome event!