A reoccurring theme that has been coming up in my readings and studies has been Spirit Possession. Figured that was a sign that it was something to be addressed this week…I know I have touched on the subject once or thrice but I figured it was time for a drill down.


In a quick nutshell, spirit possession is the act of a dis-embodied human or non-human spirit taking up residence in a living person’s body for reasons including but not limited to taking it over and controlling it, to piggy back on so it can travel from place to place, use the host to feel alive again, or using the host to feed off of. Sometimes these spirits are invited in by ritual but more often than not are picked up unknowingly by the host. Removal of spirits is possible, but usually difficult.


As stated the possessing spirits can latch on a variety of ways. With those that invite spirits in willingly you have religions like Spiritualism and Voodoo, where offering one’s self up for a spirit to temporarily possess is a part of the religious practice and the practitioners take the necessary steps and follow the proper rituals and protocol to be able to make the spirit leave the host when their ceremonies are done. Also followers of some magical and esoteric belief structures also practice conjuration and possession in order to acquire power and knowledge from these very spirits. Of the non-religious types, you have some psychics and channellers that open themselves freely for spirits to come through and communicate. And lastly, you have those that offer themselves up in desperation to whatever is out there to come in as long as they make whatever is making their life so terrible to go away…


The uninvited like to take advantage of situations to find a way in and if possible, keep themselves hidden either out of greed or fear or both. When you have an attachment, it is cause the entity has found something in you it can relate to or feed off of. Many feed off of emotion and the more intense the better and if they can manipulate you or those around you to create the emotion they need to feed off of then chances are you are stuck with it until it can be removed.


Take for instance one of the more common gateways to getting an attachment, addiction. Many times the spirit attached to an addict was once an addict themselves and instead of moving on after death, they could not leave their addiction behind and find someone in similar circumstances to themselves and latch on. This way they can taste that one more drink, get that adrenaline kick, get another fix, or feel the warm touch of another living person again through the sensations of the host.


One of the more fascinating theories I have heard of late is that many of these disembodied spirits are a cause for many of the mental health issues that have been seemingly becoming more frequent in this day and age. Therapists like Dr. Stephen Modi, Robert Major, Wanda Pratnicka, Dr. Alan Sanderson, and Edith Fiore, to name just a few, have all spoken openly and have written works about using psychology, therapy, and/or hypnosis to get to root cause of some of their patient’s mental and emotional issues only to discover another entity inside their patient that seems to be creating whatever the problem is. Such as someone’s hydrophobia was due to a drowning victim that attached itself on to a host, another lady’s intimacy issues were due to spirit’s spousal abuse when they were living, alcoholism was due to an alcoholic being attached to someone, or even to the most extreme that a man who out of nowhere started wearing his wife’s clothes and continued so for 10 years all the way up to where he decided to get gender reassignment surgery because he felt uncomfortable as a man anymore. But at the request of his wife, went to see a therapist before the surgery and discovered that he had a great aunt whom had been locked up away from ever getting dressed up or going out into public by her husband and she had taken root in the man because she could feel the blood ties with him and thought she could remold him into what she wanted to be while she was alive. And by helping these spirits come to peace with what had gone on in their previous lives, the Drs and Therapists were able to assist their living patients with getting on with theirs.


Sometimes though, you have to take a more spiritual approach in dealing with spirits. They all have different rules in which they play by and sadly us humans never got a formal manual as to what deals with what. Sometimes the tried and true works and sometimes you have to call out the big guns. Sometimes it’s not even your beliefs that you have to focus on but the disembodied entity that you are wrestling with. There are things out there that predate Judaea-Christian beliefs by thousands of years and don’t recognize a thing many modern peoples are talking about as an authority over them. These typically require a change in tactics…But I am drifting and that is a different talk for a different day. Point I am trying to get to is that admittedly there is no catch all/fix all to dealing with ornery attachments.


Granted the above does not explain all and is honestly just a drop in the bucket when it comes to types of spirits, why folks are possessed or have attachments, and the how’s of how the got there and how to get rid of them. I just wanted to break the ice on something that has seemingly dropped in my laps more times than I choose to count this month and felt the need to address it. Possessions and Attachments are no laughing matter and are preventable. Many of the lessons and items that have been addressed in the other articles by Patrick and Emily on this site are about ways to assist in the prevention and removal of spirit attachments. If any of you reading this are having any issues that you suspect are being caused by an attachment or disembodied spirit, please let us know as we are always willing to lend a hand…