Staring Right Back at You

Hi all, sorry it’s taken an extra week to circle back around to another article so let’s not waste any time and jump right back in it. I want to address two very important factors one of which must be prepared for when stepping into this field. I am not addressing those who, once a year or so, go on a ghost tour during Halloween at some tourist location, or once in a blue moon occasion go ‘sight-seeing’ the paranormal. I am addressing those who are investigators, students, enthusiasts, or ‘dabblers’ in and of the unexplained. These two things are more important than any equipment, self-preparation, or anything else cause once you cross the threshold and engage either, your life is officially changed.

They are the Intelligence and the Trickster…

In a quote from one of my favorite researchers, John Keel, he states that “the more you look at the phenomenon, the more it looks back at you”. The Intelligence is what I am calling that which really has no name, but it is the Intelligence behind the phenomenon that stares back.

The Trickster is the one that makes sure we don’t ever really get a grasp on what’s on the other side of the curtain of reality and ensures that there is always a seed of doubt within society about what is really out there and really happening. It’s possible that they maybe one and the same, but it’s equally possible that they act independently of each other. By the end of this feel free to make your own conclusion.

Let’s first talk of the Intelligence. Those of you already having been in the field for a bit know to what I am referring. It’s that thing that started popping up in your life once you started investigating locations, interviewing experiencers, delving into odd texts, or whatever form your search has taken where something odd has made its home in your life. It’s what causes the typically very organized person to  now be the victim of constantly missing items. Maybe you are the victim (or benefactor) of bizarre and constant streams of odd coincidences, you could even be the one who has an odd shadow that now sits right outside your periphery vision that you swear from time to time moves but you don’t want to say anything for fear of ridicule, or perhaps you experience those odd shapes or lights in the sky that follow you wherever they go. These are just a few examples of the weird that injects itself into people’s lives when they start looking too close. Most of these oddities tend be mundane to start but are just enough to keep you wary and on edge. If you were to draw someone else’s attention to it, 99% of them will use the go-to explanation of “it’s just a coincidence”.

But if you keep looking, it’s response can intensify. Let’s take the author Nick Redfern as an example As he has recently discussed, some of his run-ins with the Intelligence while promoting his new book ‘The Black Diary’ which is the final book in his Trilogy of research books on the Men In Black. Before you ask, no they have nothing to do with Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith movies, but is referring to the MIB phenomenon that was first recorded back in the 50’s by Albert Bender in Gray Barker’s book ‘They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers’ and occurs all the way up to today. Now MIB aside (even though their history plays very close to the Intelligence/Trickster phenomenon), Redfern’s experiences while researching and writing this trilogy has been everything thing from telephone interference like strange voices on the line, weird electronic noises, and hang-up calls, bad connections cutting right into his interviews on the phone as he tries to talk about the books to the MIB to lights being flicked on and off in his house while he was home alone (the switch was visibly seen and heard moving). Another researcher Rosemary Ellen Guiley was the victim of a freak electrocution while doing work on her book ‘The Vengeful Djinn’. Thankfully she survived, but it was enough to make her pause for thought.


So as you can see from just a couple examples above, the Intelligence responds in like to what you are doing. If it thinks it can spook you with a little nickel and dime action, it will but sometimes it has to turn up the level of extremes to throw you off. Granted nothing fatal occurred above, I am not sure if that is where it draws the line as that seems to be the one thing much paranormal can’t do, but it is not bashful about throwing everything else it can at you. And when that fails, the Trickster comes in to play…

The purpose of the Trickster is somewhat multi-layered. It is there to build you up then turn around and make you look like an ass or an idiot, all the while planting seeds for others to follow suit right behind you. I am not going to call names or point fingers but it does not take a whole lot of hard looking to find some examples on your own. I am sure a good many of you have seen Psychics that have been making contact with those who have past and brought comfort to many families along with Soothsayers giving hundreds of predictions that were right on the money but as soon as they are given the spotlight, crash and burn bigger than the Hindenburg. Same with many investigators who have witnessed wondrous and fantastic things. In their effort to log it with a camera or a team of witnesses and, for lack of a better term, activity dies completely. Sadly, this is where the Trickster plays its biggest trump card, it tries to convince those it just played for saps to just fake it this once to save face…and they all usually get busted calling that moment and everything else they have ever done into question, thus planting a seed of doubt in the masses.

Oddly enough this past weekend at an event I co-hosted, there was a prime example of the activity that should be predictable, but was nothing f the sort. While working with my friend and partner in crime, Patrick Burke, he was far too generous in his description of me and spent WAY too much time praising my use of the Ghost Box, more to the point being the listener in the Double Blind Ghost Box method. I walked everyone in attendance through the theory, setup, and use but when we sat down to show them an example of it working, the Box was dead silent. Usually I can latch on to a voice or a conversation somewhere and lock into it and almost lose myself, but this time there was no having it. I tried changing locations in the building but that only marginally helped. There were whispers and snippets but that was it. At this point I figured the issue was with me as this was the first ‘class’ of this sort I had taught and was very nervous about being in the spotlight. So I took it upon myself to take a moment to re-ground myself, use some meditation exercises, and focus on calming back down to open myself back up then BOOM my consciousness was launched right out of my body and I became the ‘fly on the wall’ watching some young Hispanic girl’s life story play out before my eyes. It took my daughter, who was in attendance, to ‘break the spell’ by coming over to nudge me and ask if I was snoring cause apparently while my consciousness was on one of the more vivid trance states I had been in for a while, my physical form decided to shut down and let everyone in attendance know. Now when I snapped back into my body it took a few moments to realize I was no longer a watcher and was back in this reality. It took a few minutes for the gravity of situation to settle and that I was in a hot seat of speculation. Honestly approaching the situation, I was damned if I did and damned if I didn’t tell folks what went on cause for all they knew I fell asleep and dreamed the whole mess. I tried to explain it to a few of attendees but soon realized it was best I could do at the moment was apologize and go on. So as you can see, the Trickster gave me the best experience I had in ages but came with a humbling price tag.


But all that said above and going another layer in, I also like to think that the Trickster is there to help maintain a balance. Yes, the examples above all look like idiots now and to save face usually wound up doing somethings that have often ruined a career or reputation but in the long run the Trickster is helping the Human Race progress. It’s bad enough speculating what some folks are out there doing but can you imagine what would happen to our Planet/Reality if we had undeniable proof in life after death, magic was real, everyone turned psychic, or all about those other Entities from time, space, and other dimensions that could be in the very room you are in reading over your shoulder. Society as we know it would collapse if even one of those questions were answered in completion. So I am sure the invisible force known as the Trickster is here to protect us from ourselves as well as the others from us…

So please heed my warning and be careful as you start into this and if you start getting scared, maybe you had best stop while you are ahead and quit drawing attention to yourself. Now if you continue in headlong and can take whatever is thrown at you, watch out for the Trickster. Never trust all that is given to you, as a healthy amount of skepticism is good for you and never ever compromise your work to save face.