Egregores – Something to Believe In

This week I thought that we might hit on Egregores and intent. I promised that I would talk a bit about the book I was reading, ‘Egregores: The Occult Entities That Watch Over Human Destiny’ by Mark Stavish (link to book: I won’t lie, it was a heavy read and gave a lot to process.


As a quick summary before going into the meat and potatoes of it I will quote myself from the 8/18 article:

The book is ‘Egregores: The Occult Entities That Watch Over Human Destiny’ by Mark Stavish. It’s roughly about, without giving too much away before the review and the fact I am not completely done with it, are entities called Egregores that fit somewhere between that of a tupla and the minor gods and spirits of old. A tulpa for the non-initiated is, using the quick and dirty wiki definition, a concept in mysticism and the paranormal of a being or object which is created through spiritual or mental powers. So how that blends with a minor god (for simplicity I am just going to call it a god moving forward with a lowercase g) is that it is an invention of an individual or group (intentional and sometimes not) and with enough belief and intent that it becomes real or is given life and form. Once becoming a true living entity and continues to absorb the energy being given to it, that it actually becomes the spirit or god of the very thing its creation was intended for and then becomes its protector and benefactor. This ensures that it gains and holds more followers to feed it belief, therefore keeping it strong and alive.


One of my favorite and more clear cut examples of an Egregore was that of Rome. You will notice that many references to Rome from the time of its existence often referred to it as if it was a living being and those that were its willing residents gave themselves totally over to that belief. This helped the Egregore of Rome become strong and powerful to where no one could stand before it. Over the years this strength became arrogance and Rome decided to spread which would inevitably lead to its fall. The thought is that once Rome grew so big that spreading made it thin and with majority of its citizens no true supporters of Rome weakened it. Then with the injection of new religions like Christianity working its way through the Empire that the faith and belief in Rome was being replaced. So in short, while the belief and faith in Rome was strong, the Empire was at its peak and had no equal but with the assimilation and dilution of true believers, Rome could not protect itself any more as it become weak and started to crumble.


The book starts out delving into the different methods of Egregore creation and how they are viewed by different cultures and occultists throughout history. Whether through individual or group intention or by accident, there are varied ways of it occurring and growing beyond just being a regular tulpa-like entity. Their existence run from the mundane ‘imaginary’ friend of a child that soon takes on a life of its own to a poltergeist-like entity that affects a whole home to the religious/spiritual/cultural embodiment that whole societies will rally around. And this last point is where things can tend to get dangerous…


As with the Roman example I made earlier, an Egregore can be formed (intentionally or unknowingly) to represent any sort of group or movement. When 2 opposing groups meet, sometimes there can be a clash of Egregores on the astral plane that is either a result of the groups clashing on the physical either before, during, or after the Egregores take action. Some of those that dream walk or gifted with clairvoyance have claimed to be able actually seeing these entities clash during encounters between opposing forces. Depending on whose Egregore, or belief, was stronger tended to sway the outcome of the battle.


On a less violent side, some have also evolved to become what some refer to as Ascended Masters. These actually are more like teachers and want to encourage spiritual growth and belief. Partially it seems to be to help those that follow them but also it self-serves, for as long as they have believers, they will stay alive. So when a teacher on earth takes a student and teaches them the mystical beliefs and powers of the Entity, they are ensuring it survives another generation. And when groups of believers diverge into sects, the entity then splits into 2 separate Egregores to serve both groups.


These examples are just scratching the surface. Spread throughout the book, there are many examples and experiences from Buddhism, Order of the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley, Rosicrucian, Hindu, Christianity, etc, etc…all about how the entity viewed and managed to a degree. The book also shows you how to identify them in your own life and remove those that are having a negative effect on you.


If you are interested in this subject, I highly recommend you check it out. It can be a heavy read at times but the info and histories in it are definitely interesting. After making it through the book, I now have to re-look at my epiphany I had as an adolescent about the old gods and belief building them up as less as a novel thought but maybe more of an inspired insight of an age old truth that just needs a little light shed on it from time to time so as not to be forgotten.