Ghosts in the Machine – the Medium and Technology

This week’s article was going to be devoted to the subject of Egregores and the book that I was reading “Egregores: The Occult Entities That Watch Over Human Destiny” by Mark Stavish, but honestly I need a little more time to digest the content before I fully chime in on it. For anyone interested in it, here is a link for it But before we delve into the concept of thought forms and their impact on us, I was pulled in another direction after reading Emily’s article last week and would like to go into it and strike while the iron is hot.


First, my hat off to Miss Emily for an excellent inaugural article and jumping right into it with both feet. Her article was titled “Medium vs Technology” and for those that read, awesome thanks for your support…for those that have not, here is the link ( Go ahead, check it out, and give it a good read and we will wait right here until you get back.


Finished? Excellent, let’s get this show on the road and keep rolling…


Now one of the things that Emily brought up and is a complaint that I have heard before, that if you are a clairaudient, tools like the Ghost Box (GB) can present issues with focus and create distraction.


*EXPERIMENT TIME* -- If you are interested in seeing how that sensation works, grab an app from whatever app store you use that can create an audio delay. Then set the app to have about a 1 to 2 second delay on playback, put on a set of headphones plugged into your device w/ the app, and grab a book or something you can read out loud. With the app running, try to read the book out loud and see how far you can get before you start stumbling over your own words.


That is the sensation that Emily is encountering and describing when she is plugged into the GB, only twice over as she is hearing a double echo before she speaks. This can be quite disconcerting for anyone. What would be really interesting is if we did the absolute opposite and see where her talent goes in a sensory deprivation situation…sorry Ems, sounds like we have a new experiment to try and you get to be the guinea pig.


What I want to look at now though are cases and situations where you have someone acting as a medium that uses a form of technology that actually works and enhances. For me using something like a GB is more like an enhancer or an antenna that I can put focus into and it allows me to better open up. I am able to latch on to the static in the background and it sort of eases me into a meditative state and as I lose myself in the static, any noise or voice I hear that breaks the static I am able to call out. Once I slip into a “groove” so to speak, I am able to start picking out voices that are coming in at different levels and oddly enough not picked up by the recorder we have plugged into the radio as a way of logging the communications. To further complicate things, if you remember in a previous post I discussed panpsychicism ( and pouring your energy into a non-animate object to the point to where a bond is formed between person and object, is to what appears to have happened between me and one of our GBs. I can jump on it most any day pick up all kinds of conversations and folks talking, but I plug into any one of a half dozen other boxes and it’s a crap shoot if I get anything at all.


It is nothing new for Mediums and Mediums-in-training to use tools/technology for focusing their attention and energy. Just because it does not use a plug or batteries does not make it any less technological cause once upon a time, sharpened sticks and rocks were pretty ‘high faluting’ as we say in the hills. The GB is just one of the latest tools to add to the box for spirit communication…before then man has channeled, dream interpretation, astrology, and watched for signs in nature (which all can be seen as bio-tech) as well as casted lots/runes/bones, used crystals, pendulums, dowsing rods, tarot cards, tea leaves, spirit trumpets, tabling tipping, chalk boards, knocks on walls, and yes, even the spirit (or more commonly referred to as Ouija) board. And that is not even scratching the surface…all these things are tools at our disposal to use or enhance our ability to communicate with the Invisible. With proper instruction, practice, and preparation any of these can be used with varying degrees of success depending on the individual.


That puts us on the flip side of using these tools. To those that just pick it up to play with NO proper instruction, practice, and preparation are best case not going to have anything happen and worst case, call something in that they don’t know how to deal. Any tool can be used for good or bad and make life better or worse. It goes back to my example I have been using for years that a gun is a tool, it the right experienced hands it can feed and protect and in the wrong hands it can be a tool of destruction…same with the tools mentioned above. Delving into this is a lecture/article unto itself and is not the point of this week’s venture so I will move on.


So Miss Emily may wrestle with a GB, but if you toss her a pendulum, or some other tool that is not auditory in nature, it’s very possible that it could start ‘talking’ up a storm with no interference to her. Since she is naturally talented, and for others like her, this could/would work as an aid for clarification and/or validation. As for those who have not gotten in touch with what gifts they may have, or are just starting on the path of discovery, learning to use these tools properly can help aid in getting in touch with your own hidden talents.


Hope this has been of some help to a handful of you and that Miss Emily will not be too terribly offended that I piggybacked on her article and used her as my example…have a good week and chat with you again soon.