Investment Advice

Thought I would cook up a little Saturday Night Special for you guys. I have had a bit on my mind that I have been contemplating on in my studies recently. There is a book that I am reading that I plan on reviewing in the near future that has absolutely captured my attention and it started me down one of my rabbit holes. The book I will go into in a moment but the gist of what I have been working over in the old noggin is Energy and its impact and application in unseen world around us and the psychical studies thereof.


The book is ‘Egregores: The Occult Entities That Watch Over Human Destiny’ by Mark Stavish. It’s roughly about, without giving too much away before the review and the fact I am not completely done with it, are entities called Egregores that fit somewhere between that of a tupla and the minor gods and spirits of old. A tulpa for the non-initiated is, using the quick and dirty wiki definition, a concept in mysticism and the paranormal of a being or object which is created through spiritual or mental powers. So how that blends with a minor god (for simplicity I am just going to call it a god moving forward with a lowercase g) is that it is an invention of an individual or group (intentional and sometimes not) and with enough belief and intent that it becomes real or is given life and form. Once becoming a true living entity and continues to absorb the energy being given to it, that it actually becomes the spirit or god of the very thing its creation was intended for and then becomes its protector and benefactor. This ensures that it gains and holds more followers to feed it belief, therefore keeping it strong and alive.


One of my favorite and more clear cut examples of an Egregore was that of Rome. You will notice that many references to Rome from the time of its existence often referred to it as if it was a living being and those that were its willing residents gave themselves totally over to that belief. This helped the Egregore of Rome become strong and powerful to where no one could stand before it. Over the years this strength became arrogance and Rome decided to spread which would inevitably lead to its fall. The thought is that once Rome grew so big that spreading made it thin and with majority of its citizens no true supporters of Rome weakened it. Then with the injection of new religions like Christianity working its way through the Empire that the faith and belief in Rome was being replaced. So in short, while the belief and faith in Rome was strong, the Empire was at its peak and had no equal but with the assimilation and dilution of true believers, Rome could not protect itself any more as it become weak and started to crumble.


Now I will stop talking about the book at this point so I can save the rest for the actual review. My point of where I was going with that is to give an example of the investment of our energy, how it impacts the world around us, what it can be used for, and who else is using it. When I heard of this book, its concept, and started to skim through it what I saw blew me away. It matched up lock and step with something that I had thought of years ago but whenever I tried to explain it most times I was looked like I was bat crap crazy and slightly borderline blasphemous.


You see when I was about 12 or 13, I created this hypothesis about where all the old gods went to when Jesus and company came through. I was stubborn you see and I could not swallow the pill that for thousands of years man was just theologically stupid and only gained clarity when Jesus was born. Seemed highly improbable that all the Greeks, Romans, Sumerians, Babylonians, Celts, Norse, Egyptians, etc, etc where just blindly following up some storybook pantheons someone thought up one day just because they needed a good story about why we have seasons or why this or that happened. Seems to me if there were entities that had hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of followers that those followers would have to have something to believe in and have been gifted that something somewhere along the way to keep their faith fresh and renewed. So I came up with the theory that the gods were only as strong and present as the faith that was being pumped into them. This is why there are no tales of God and Zeus having it out on Main St or you hearing about Thor challenging Jesus to arm wrestling…so the faith theory to me was by far more digestible than every man up until 2000 years ago was an idiot.


Now before I go any further, I am going to say that my idea I am sure is not as unique as I thought it once was and I am sure it was thought of long before I and in 100 years, someone else will think of it again….


Now after taking the very LONG way around to getting to my point, I wanted to show that both yours and my energy and intent can have an effect. If it can do the above on a global and theological scale, just imagine what kind of ripples you are making on a more localized scale. Think of the things you are attracting and are feeding and growing off of what you are putting out. This helps paint hauntings, attachments, and even ‘luck’ in a slightly different tone. Imagine (and some of you don’t have to as you are living it) that you are in a down mental state, you feel the unusually heavy weight on your back and spirit, and you feel like no matter what you do that some part of ‘life’ is out to get you and keep you down…guess what, it may be. You may have attracted or even unintentionally created this thing that feeds off the negative energy that you are putting out and is doing its damnedest to keep you in that state and until you break the cycle, it’s going to continue. Natural Law states that Like attracts Like and until you switch up what you are putting out, you are just going to keep feeding the bad with bad.


Since I can tell I am getting a little preachy, I will step down and leave you with one final piece of advice and food for thought… All Energy is Neutral, it is the intent behind it that creates the Positive and Negatives…