Medium vs Technology

Well, here it is friends, my first blog post. For those of you that are new around here, I’m Emily. On our team, I function as a Zero Point Field Medium. I can see, hear, feel, speak, all that jazz, with energies. Overall, I just have a high level of communicative ability.


Growing up as a Medium, and then training to hone my abilities, trusting myself and my senses is what I know how to do. Because I experience a high and clear level of communication, I was not often accustomed to using technology to enhance what I was seeing, hearing, or feeling. It just wasn’t necessary for my personal clarity. However, as I progressed and as our team began to do more excursions, and I could take on more serious situations, technology became a bigger part of what we were doing — but not necessarily what I was doing. At least, that’s how I was looking at it.


Remote infrared cameras all over a site, lasers, night vision goggles, new cameras and recorders with better audio and visual quality, whatever it was, I was happy to have it to help disprove or prove evidence, but I wanted nothing to do with it. I am famous for having my recorder duct taped to my arm because I refuse to hold it, (if you follow along on our Instagram you’ll know what I’m talking about). I think you get the point, Emily and technology are not a thing. I do my job, the tech does its job, and I want nothing to do with it, and that’s just how it is.


Or, how it was that is, until the Ghost Box came along. To further explain the recorder thing, I do not like to hold it because I use my hands to sense and move energy and I feel that holding the recorder inhibits my ability to feel the energy flowing as well. Also, my focus is on the energies, not my recorder, so carrying it around I put it down and leave it places, and if it’s not with me then it’s not really doing its job. I think this is logical, but that doesn’t stop everyone from getting a good chuckle out of my high-tech duct tape job.


Back to the Ghost Box. We weren’t friends at first. For a long while. You see as I said, I hear things, in fact I’m likely having a full conversation with an energy, and I will be relaying that to the team so everyone knows what I am sensing. Right? Cool. We’re all on the same page. That’s how a medium works. Then in comes the Ghost Box, with Shawn, Dan, and Dave using the double-blind method. This is a method where the listener has noise canceling headphones on max volume, head down, hood up if they are wearing one, eyes downcast or closed, and is turned away from the group. This is to ensure that the listener cannot hear or read the lips of anyone asking questions.


So, if at this point you’re saying Emily, I don’t see the issue, then let me tell you, friend. I am hearing an energy say something, let’s say I hear a solider say, “I am wounded.” Then, as I am talking and relaying, someone on the ghost box says “wounded, “injured,” “solider.” I’m like, I already said that. It’s like hearing something on stereo, and this makes it difficult to focus on what comes next because I would hear the listener getting the same thing I was getting and it was distracting to have someone just yelling out words and phrases.


Another thing anyone who knows me knows about me is, patience is not exactly a virtue I possess. And I have been known to get slightly irritable if I feel like something is redundant. So, four years ago when I first encountered the Ghost Box, this is how I felt.


What does this mean? Is this medium vs. technology? Will I just never get along with any tech? Here is what I came to realize: the Ghost Box is a tool, and important one, and I haven’t had a circumstance where it has not validated me, and I haven’t validated it. I don’t fight it anymore, try to compete with its chaos or unique rhythm, I do my thing, it does its, and we back each other up.


What I have seen is that other sensitives use the Box as a tool to enhance their abilities, their senses are heightened, and they communicate at a higher level than normal, and hear intricate layers of conversation that others, including myself, cannot. So, what I think is that we, myself and the Ghost Box, as well as the other equipment, work together to validate and confirm evidence so that we can help the people that call us in and the energies we encounter. And at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about, and it takes what I do and what the tech does, working together, to accomplish the best results. 


But I’m still not going to stop duct taping my recorder to my arm anytime soon.