Equipment We Use On an Investigation

Here is a quick snapshot of some of the equipment we use during an investigation:


Electronic Voice Recorders- We use several types of voice recorders. Voice recorders are used mainly to record a series of questions that we ask. We are trying to get answers that are rarely heard with the naked ear. The answer that we get, if we get one, is known as an EVP- Electronic Voice Phenomena.


K-2 Meter-  This item can detect different electromagnetic fields (EMF) at the location. The K-2 meter has five different lights on it to detect on how close something gets to it. Spirits also can use of this as a form of communication to respond to many different questions. As an example, you can ask the spirit light up the meter by coming close. If it lights up, then we know we have an interactive haunting because it responded to our request.

If the K-2 meter is left in the room while a camera is also running, we can determine if there are any responses or movement when we aren’t in the room


Digital Camera- We take several pictures of the same spot at the same time to see if anything shows up in the various frames.  It is always good to have a camera to take still photos that can be used to validate or disprove activity on the audio or video recorders.

We like to use the camcorders that have "night-vision".  We place them on tripods and leave them running with the K-2 and voice recorders when we leave the room.  This way if anything happens when we are somewhere else on the location it is documented and will be reviewed at a later time. It is also possible to get an EVP on the camcorder that you don’t get on the voice recorder. We carry these while we are investigating to be certain we document any event that occurs.


The Ghost Box- This box is a modified AM/FM radio that allows you to scan through different frequencies while asking a variety of questions. We can hear disembodied voices that can either say anything from a few words to complete sentences. The voices are in real time and in answer to questions. The answers are relayed out loud. We use this along with voice recorders to verify that something is said.


MEL Meter (EMF Detector)- This item can detect an electro-magnetic field (EMF) and temperature change. It also has an antenna and lights like the K-2 meter. We use this in the start of the investigation to check the baseline readings of the location and during the investigation. If the readings go up we can validate the change by comparing with the baseline readings. The antenna will make a small sound to notify if something is near it or touching it. If you don’t have your K-2 meter around you can also ask the same questions to get the lights to respond.


Dowsing Rods-  On an investigation the EMF meter or MEL meter will generate many different frequencies to pick up energy. The dowsing rods allow you to move around easier as a slow speed the different energy fields. The use of the rods requires a steady arm and steady hands. You can ask “yes” or “No” questions.  You will see when the rods cross or fully cross to make an “X” that means “YES”. Many people choose this method instead of the other EMF and Mel Meter because it can tell you which way to move. Although we have done some experiments with this tool, is not an instrument we normally use. We feel that the results can too easily be influenced by human error. Like many of the other tools, it may further verify or disprove a finding.


Laser Grid- We use a small laser about the size of a pen but very bright. We set these up in a hallway or in a large room. If you see something in the grid moving you can record the entire time. Sometimes you can see movement of the grids or some of the grid is blacked out if something is trying to show itself.


Flashlights- We mainly use them to see where we are walking. We never use them for what other teams call Flashlight communication.  This is a technique that requires you unscrew the back of the flashlight so it is barely touching the battery, inviting the spirits to touch it as a way of answering questions, similar to the EMF and MEL detector. The only difference is that the light can slowly turn on, stay on completely or the spirit won’t even get near it.


Cell Phones- We never rely on the cell phone voice recorders when we investigate. Before every investigation we always put our phones on the airplane mode. We have found that the cell phones interfere with the equipment that we use. They will make the EMF and MEL meters go off while you are walking if your phone is on. There are apps that people use on their phones but we have tested a good bit of them and we have found in our tests that they are typically not very reliable. So if you are playing around with an app please read all the reviews that others have used.