Things that go Bump

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I am going to be honest with you all as I have been banging my head on the wall for weeks about what I wanted to write about first after my Introduction piece, but I have been hesitant about everything I have put to paper. Nothing fit and I could never find my groove…I did not want to go down that rabbit hole way over in left field too deep on my subject based entry and thought to keep it to the basics. I only wanted to take one bite at a time and keep it simple, but trying to do that made it all sound forced and as dry as Middle School World Geography textbook. So I threw caution to the wind and picked a basic subject and let fate/spirit/heart guide my hands as I put all this to paper. So here goes…


Let’s talk what a ghost may or may not be before we go too far. To understand where I am about to go with this, we need to dip our toes into the waters of philosophy where spirituality and science used to meet. Believe it or not, not that long ago you were allowed to be a man (or woman) of science and still have a respect for the otherworldly. It was not until the last 50-60 years that the idea that you could only follow one path or the other and when we separated the two, I believe we lost something. Anyway coming back to our discussion at hand before it evolves into a rant, we need to discuss a little bit of what consciousness, or spirit, may be and how currently science and spirituality are so close to each other in thought and belief but refuse to acknowledge the other because one side chooses to call it one thing while the other calls it something else.


What we all have, regardless of belief and can all agree on, is a spark that is inside of us. That is what keeps the brain firing and communicating with our entire nervous system. It’s those little pulses that keep firing repetitively and keep your heart on the rhythm that keeps you alive. As you get older, the spark begins to slow down and fade then you eventually pass on. But this is where the big question that divides most of humanity spawns…what happens to that spark? Some think that once you are done, you are done and snuffed out, but that does not make much sense since those very people will stand by the ‘laws of science’ which clearly state that:

“The first law of thermodynamics, also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, says that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.”

So, science, even science, says something has to happen to that spark and this is where the lines start to blend.  Since we all have TV, Radio, and Internet we can pretty much agree that information can be passed via energetic bursts, and with the gradual introduction of AI into our everyday lives, we also know thoughts and logic can be carried on those pulses to operate machines and robots. Now if you can think of our bodies in terms of being biological machines and those very sparks being the same thing that drives us, when these hosts are outdated or worn out who’s to say those sparks are not moved to updated models like you would get when any other piece of technology wears out?


So since the brain actually acts as a giant antenna and housing unit for that spark, when it craps out that spark needs to go somewhere. That somewhere could very well be where it is broadcast from or seeks a new host to occupy. (For anyone interested in some side reading on this I recommend Anthony Peake, as he delves into this very subject in his books.) And sometimes, just sometimes, if a spark is removed incorrectly or due to a ‘shock’ to the system its jolted from its host it may become lost, out of sync, and in need of a reboot, jump start, or kind of assist to get back to where it needs to be.


See what I just did there? I was able to give a very rough summary of the spiritual that included life, death, the afterlife, and reincarnation using scientific thought and terms. Woo-hoo, proof the two sides and meet in the middle and we can all be friends now…great, perfect, awesome, let’s move on to why you really came here…ghost stuff. I am sure that about half of you are nodding right along thinking “This dude might be on to something” while the other half is thinking “this guy is crazier than a bag of weasels on acid” and want me to shut up and get to the point. So I will hush about all that other science/spiritual stuff for now and we can delve into that other matter on a later date (if anyone wants me to or if you are interested in reading about it, I suggest the works of Dean Radin…)


Now a ghost, as we mentioned in a very long and roundabout way is conceivably a consciousness without a host. Whether they were jolted or shocked from the host, or their intention to stay is so strong, that for love nor money or anything else will they unattach themselves from where they want to be. (I mark intention that way as it is a very strong term that comes up time and again in both science and spiritualism that we will revisit in a future article as it deserves its own discussion.) They, for a lack of a better terms, are a brain and nervous without a physical body stuck in a state that they are more than likely unfamiliar with their energy pulsing and vibrancy that the regular human eye is not attuned to. That’s not to say the longer they are in this state, that they do not gain some control over their energetic pulses allowing them to be viewed or allowing them to interact on a physical level. As this occurs, we open the door finally to what we call a Haunting.


Just to touch on it briefly as someone will inevitably point out, hauntings can be broken down, more or less, into two categories; intelligent hauntings or non-intelligent hauntings, which moving forward we will lovingly call IH and NIH to simplify things. An IH is what we have spent the past several paragraphs breaking down as they typically interact, work to make themselves noticed, and have some sort of reasoning or intention of why they are where they are wherein a NIH is typically a scene, situation, or event over and over and regardless what is done by those that witness it, it never changes. Since NIHs are pretty open and closed as energetic recordings of some intense or highly emotional moment that even the Earth itself cannot seem to even forget it, we will leave it at that for now and maybe delve into those if enough folks are interested in the future.


But for now I want to keep us focused on the path we have already started with Human Spirit Hauntings, because, goodness knows, that the sub-categories of Intelligent Hauntings are more varied than the Hash Brown combinations at the Waffle House. Ghosts come in all shapes and sizes and with all sorts of intentions. On the positive side they are here in visitation and are trying to bring comfort to someone, share a warning, or provide guidance to someone in need of it. As you slide down the, you start to encounter those that are truly lost or serving some sort of penance to those that are hanging around out of pure malice and greed as an entity with the ability to do more harm now than they could ever do in life. These are the negative haunts that everyone hears and fears, the ones that get told in candlelight, or even become the loose basis of a hit Hollywood movie.


These are the ones folks call the church or the local paranormal group in to flush out. Sometimes it’s easy, but to be honest a lot of times it isn’t. You see, many other entity types have to ‘play by certain rules’ and by following certain practices and rites, you can get rid of them or at least send them elsewhere where they can do no more harm in the present. Humans have free will and that complicates things a bit. When dealing with a negative human spirit you must stick to your guns, believe in your faith ENTIRELY, and your intention be absolutely steadfast that it is greater than the entity you face. You waver, doubt, or blink in its face then it all comes undone and you are back to square one and once it knows where the chink in your armor is, its gonna aim for it every time.


But I do not want to leave you on a note of doom and gloom. I like to think that most will never encounter the situation above. Worst case is that you get an invisible grumpy roommate. Things might get a little bumpy at first, but remember they are (were) a human just like you and should be treated with the same dignity and respect as you would anyone else that you share a home or a workspace with. You can always work with someone to try and get them to move on and even offer that they can come back in visitation. But remember they may have been ‘living’ where you have for a lot longer than you have been around and if they don’t want to go, chances are they aren’t. Compromise and making peace is sometimes the only recourse. You never know when having an invisible friend to look after you may help you someday. Keep in mind I am not endorsing keeping a ghost as a pet or a party favor, just merely offering a suggestion on making the best of a situation that there is not always a solution for.


Anyway, I am going to wrap this up for now as we have come a VERY long way and through some very heavy concepts. Once more, thank you for your time and if you ever want to reach out to me feel free to get in touch with me on the contact page or if you just want to comment, leave one of those below to let me know what you think.


-- Dave