The Contagion of Fear

(Quick note – Apologies for not getting a show out last week. Things go busy in our personal lives and we as a group decided to take a step back and get a clean, crisp new show out here in the next week or so and then aim for bi-weekly from there.)


So interestingly enough I ran into a situation that should not have gotten to me, but for one reason or another has managed to get right underneath my skin. Part of me feels bad about how I feel and the other part says I am not fired up enough. So hold on to your undergarments as Reverend Dave pulls out his Street-corner Soapbox Pulpit again to vent and dives after ‘Fear Porn’ and smut dealers that perpetuate it.


‘Fear Porn’ is the designation given to the type of negative fear state that is spread willingly and purposely to feed off of or get off on the end result. I emphasis negative cause you will have situations like going to a Funhouse/Haunted House or Roller Coaster that the fear or apprehension that one feels is not rooted in negativity but excitement and entertainment by all parties. The kind of Fear I am talking about spreading is the kind that you purposely spread maliciously (or out of ignorance in some cases) for some sort of personal gain such as large kid that picks on smaller by telling him Boogey Man stories and then locking him the basement w/ no lights. The larger one is the only one that situation ‘benefits’ and he ‘feeds’ off the misery of the smaller one.


Now on to the situation that’s gotten me in a tiz. Before I really roll up my sleeves on this one and to give the situation a little context, I would like to make an effort to extend some sort of professional courtesy as this is a Father and Son team that are using Paranormal Investigating as a bonding experience and that is something that both Patrick and I can relate to as it is a part of our lives that we have shared with parts of our family. Last thing I want to do is be the stain on that family’s bonding memory. So on that point I am not going to name names, point fingers, or the like. I honestly believe they are doing what they are doing mostly out of ignorance and because it’s how they saw it done on TV.


You see there is a location that I have worked with Supernatural Media to take care of and have also had the rest of SPARC come and assist with us with keeping it ‘clean’. The pair I am speaking about above went to this site during the day and ran their own ghost box sessions, but the history they were pulling from was done from Hearsay and headlines, barely any of which was substantiated. The worse part was that they were pushing the hearsay tales that a Satanic Cult had used the site for summoning rituals that there was a dark guardian that patrolled the cemetery. The first part of that is for the most part pure hooey, if anything it’s been dumbass teens going up there with some candles to try and spook their best girl or themselves…the second part is partially true. There have been some non-human spirits that require some regular maintenance to keep pushed to the outskirts but aside from that, there are just some good ol’ fashioned ghosts that don’t want to move regardless of how many times we have offered to help and some elemental spirits that are more a part of the land than the bodies that are buried there. But it’s the fact that the young that shot the video I watched pounded on the Satanic and evil that was supposedly in the land that anyone who has watched his video that should walk up to the property I am talking about, will have a mindset in fear and/or negativity instead of bringing with them a sense of honor and respect for those there and be able to bask in the tranquility of the site. When you do what he did and set people’s perceptions as such, you are inviting that to come with you. This feeds what nasties are lurking about and you calling them in so they can answer you is inviting into the location that they have been expelled from and to potentially follow up as you have now become a food source.


So what I have done, and hopefully it can be seen as I am trying to help educate and not chastise, was reach out to the young gentleman and his father to discuss first working on research and fact validation and if a rapport can be built, move on to the other topics. I did not hit him with all that I said above all at once as I need him to understand where I am coming from and that I want him and his father to succeed the right way.


Thanks for allowing me another rant and look forward to catching you all again in the very near future…