Haunting Ourselves

Long time, no see everyone…


Been a long and crazy couple of weeks but I am finally back in the saddle. This week I thought I would touch on whether or not we haunt ourselves sometimes…it just seems that through some sort of intention that we either wind up attracting entities to come to us or create thought forms that take on their own life.


Think about it a little. Whether you ‘investigate’ or just put a little too much thought and study into something, it seems pretty common that odd things start to occur. It may start with the shadow moving just at the corner of your vision or something you placed on the table has mysteriously moved to the occurrences graduating to full on seeing clouds and shadow people or other creepies that invade your dreams at night. Any which way you cut it, something is going on.


If we are attracting things to us, I would assume it is due to a combination of intention, mindset, emotion, and what activities we are partaking in. It’s not just the researchers and investigators that pull these things in by unintentionally (or for some dummies intentionally) putting too much of their curiosity out there but also those that are unsuspecting and have no clue that they are attracting anything. These are people that have depression issues, anger issues, uncontrolled jealously, or some chemical dependence that lowers their ‘frequency’ for lack of a better term and says to those invisible Ghoulies that are out there is an ‘All You Can Eat Buffet’ waiting for them. And when I say ‘frequency’ think of it like a looking at sound waves on a Spectrum Scale where yes there is what you and I can hear, but there is a whole world of highs and lows that humans just cannot pick up on…and that is how I look at the Supernatural world, where we live in our own little Goldilocks Zone that we can see and hear with our limited human capacity but imagine what all exists just outside the cusp of those zones.


Anyway, I was getting side-tracked…back to it.


These unsuspecting folks sadly get stuck in these states therefor making it almost impossible to shake these entities because whether of their own volition or by suggestions of their tag-a-longs they continue to stay depressed or angry because they are haunted or seek a way to forget that they are by jumping into a bottle or some other vice. (Don’t get me wrong, breaking a little bread and having a drink with friends is not a bad thing but when abused like anything else is when it’s an issue.) The whole process become cyclical and will never break until the ones being haunted will becomes stronger than that which is feeding off them.


Now when we haunt ourselves with our imagination, that’s when things get a little trickier. Whether just by our own imagination, we create our own psychosis, or what we think actually evolves into its own thought form they can all play by their own rules and does not abide by traditional rituals and rites…their only weaknesses are those that were imagined for them. The only way to best them is to get the creator instill weakness in it or cut off its food source being people’s belief in it. That belief comes from someone thinking they are haunted or wanting to be so bad that they give into their imagination and that imagination runs away with them instead to the other way around. And once the creator starts sharing with others, the potential of it growing beyond the creator spreads…it catches on like group of people looking at a cloud or puff of smoke and no one sees anything until that 1 person does and all of a sudden everyone can see that face or shape cause they have been told it’s there, what to look for, and how to squint just the right way in order to see it.


Any way this was just some food for thought one a chilly Wednesday afternoon…hope you all enjoyed this quick little blurp and hope you all have a great holiday season…