Click Baiting the Waters

So where are we this week…trying to catch up as it’s been a bit of whirlwind with the Halloween season going on, work, me trying to do some writing, and us working to get our first 2 podcast shows up and on air. As you can tell from those of you that skimmed through ‘The Top’ contribution from this week, I have tried to get my head in to a book whenever I am able to steal a few minutes here and there throughout the course of the day. Most of those have been dealing in the nature of Spirit, its roots, and what commonalities and differences that have been observed by those that work in and study the field. It’s given some real food for thought and helped me expound on some ideas and theories.


But I don’t think we need to get into something that heady this week, cause honestly my brain hurts a little and I thought it might be a little fun to dip into something a little more on the fun side this time. Let’s talk about creatures that should not exist but still may…and to keep you on your toes, I am not going run down the trail of the usual suspects with you all just yet. Having felt slightly inspired by a novel I have been reading just for giggles as well as by the movie that is getting ready to come out based on said book, I want to talk about the Megalodon. What is a Megalodon you may ask, why it’s a shark that lived many millions of years ago and averaged about 60 ft in length. Imagine a Great White on steroids that munched on whales as snacks, that is the kind of beastie we are talking about here.


Now supposedly the Megalodon went extinct around 2 million years ago, as that is about where we find the most recent fossils of the Megalodon dated. Trouble is with a shark, they have no real bones in their body and are primarily cartilage so there are never really any real bones or skeletons we can use as definitive proof and we have to speculate based on teeth found. Also when a shark dies, it sinks and does not float making recovery of said carcasses that much harder to locate. Then if you throw in the fact we know more about what is going on in our solar system than we do about what’s going on under our oceans, there are all kinds of possibilities of things hiding in the cold and the dark for us to find (…but our focus is just on the single deep sea dweller this time, we will leave the others for a different day.) So if I have successfully planted that seed of doubt now that something more might be living under the waves, lets move on to tenative cases of modern Megalodon attacks.


Lets first move aside those mockumentries put out by the Discovery Channel. They are out there and may have some nuggets of truth to them but for the most part, they were fabricated for Shark Week so they could cash in on the “fear factor” cause it’s the second best seller right under sex. Also there are more than a few youtube videos that are what I would consider highly suspect. I want to bring up a few seemingly legit cases of possible Megalodon that have multiple witnesses and/or also were covered by mainstream news to the extent that there are records of the events having occurred.


The first case is that reported by David Stead that occurred in 1918 off the coast of Australia. In his telling of the encounter, he reported that a group of cray fisherman were on the ocean one morning to bring in the that day’s catch. As they were getting started, they said a 115 ft white colored shark came to the surface from the deep waters fishing grounds and snatched their cray fish pots. When all interviewed the local Fisheries Inspector, the fisherman were able to collaborate each other’s stories.


In the 1978 book, Let’s Go Fossil Shark Tooth Hunting, author B.C. Cartmell described an occurrence, once more off the coast of Australia, where sailors had to drop anchor to their ship for engine repairs when they saw a shark swim past that was equal in size to their 85 ft ship. All aboard we adamant that it was not a whale that went by.


In 2013, this time in British Columbia, a gargantuan sized shark was seen attacking a sperm whale and then dragging its carcass under. About an hour after the attack, what was left of the sperm whale washed ashore showing evidence of being attacked by something large and vicious. Robert Culper, the marine biologist that examined the body, reported that the entire bottom third of the whale was missing and looked to have been removed in a single bite as the teeth marks showed what looked to be a 7 to 8 foot bite radius. As a bonus, a large 7.5 inch tooth was removed from the spine whale’s spine. When asked to for his thoughts about what he thought was behind the attack, he quoted “I cannot say that the whale was attacked by a Megalodon. But whatever attacked and killed this beast should have paleontologists rather excited.”


 Saving my favorite Megalodon story for last as it is one of the most compelling and was covered by the mainstream news outlets for some time. In 2003, there was a 9 ft Great White that was attacked by what appeared to be some sort of super predator. Scientists were able to come to this conclusion as the Great White had been tagged with a ‘black box’ of sorts that recorded its vitals, location, depth, and temperature of water. The box was only recovered as it washed up on shore. When scientists reviewed the data, they found that the shark had been suddenly attacked and dragged down to a depth of around 2,000 ft below surface into significantly colder water. But instead of the temperature of the shark dropping as you would expect, its temperature rose to one consistent with being too low for a killer whale and too high for another shark, unless it was a MUCH larger shark. The marine biologist that reviewed the data and that had tagged the original shark had this to say “The internal temperature of the animal that ate the shark is a weird one. It appears to be too low for a killer whale and too high for another shark, unless it was massive. The big shark scenario is the theory that is most widely accepted”.


Hopefully you have enjoyed this romp through what is most decidedly WAY different than what you all have usually come to expect from this site. Honestly I figured it won’t hurt to spice things up a little and have a little fun this week while my brain takes a break from the philosophical…although, it may be said that something is a little off about me if I consider taking a break from hauntings to talking about monsters.


On that note, I’ll stop and say thanks for stopping by and safe swimming…