All Mixed Up in the Dark

Shifting things up a little this week as I usually do Wednesday posts but I am trying to tighten up the podcast I am working on and need to use tomorrow to wrap up some last minute recording, editing, and mixing. So please excuse the wonky-ness of the release schedule of things again this week.


So it’s no mystery that I am a big fan of Mysterious Universe, both the site articles and podcast. While trying to catch up on some of their shows there was some bleed over into some things I have been studying and kicking around idea-wise as a show topic with Patrick and I thought I would scratch the surface here and maybe build the foundation to a future show with it. Where things crossed paths for me this week was that Patrick brought up the subject of some demonic interactions taking the appearance of the Extraterrestrial and vice versa and MU (Mysterious Universe) delving into the story of Dan Mitchell whom makes similar claims…


Stories of the 2 seemingly polar opposite subjects overlapping is actually pretty common and have been going back for years and years. The Vatican has had a vested interest in UFOs and claims of interacting with Extraterrestrials for a very long time, but as you well know that is not something that is openly advertised by any group in power. That is a whole other rabbit hole for a whole other article, my goal this time around was just for illustration purposes. I wanted to draw attention that a good number of cases of oppression have many similarities to those that have claims of frequent abductions…missing time, strange marks on their body from unknown sources, a sense of being constantly watched or followed, and hearing and seeing things no one else seems to.


Even the most extreme of phenomenon like the Men In Black (MIBs) share some connections with the demonic in some cases. Remember the case of Dan Mitchell I was referring to at the start, he had many situations that he firmly believes that something dark and malevolent took the guise of Pop Culture things like Greys and MIBs (and other creatures) in order to try and throw him off as he was being oppressed what he believes to be a singular entity and whenever he found a defense or way to escape it, it changed its guise and tactics to eek its way back into his life. One of those guises have been the MIB but the ones he describes are no Tommy Lee Jones or Will Smith. The ones he describes are quite off putting as they smell like rotten flesh and their eyes and skin have the look of dead flesh. It’s like the entity is a reanimated corpse that someone did a poor job of throwing make up on and put in a black suit and wig. The movements are jerky and twisted and the speech patterns are almost robotic. He is not sure if this is on purpose to create uncomfort or they just have that hard of a time operating on the physical plane. And as a quick side note, Dan is not the only person to have encountered ‘people’ like this and it’s not just limited to MIBs…there have been accounts of encountering these almost ‘zombie’ like creatures all over the world in numerous situations. Once more, it’s probably another article’s worth of content right there about those as I believe that Brad Steiger has some excellent writings on the subject but I will have to hit up my bookshelf to hit up the right volumes and chapters.


In some accounts of Alien Abductions where a person is being picked up and being pulled into a bright light or by an ‘alien’ creature, invoking the name of Jesus or God has been able to repel them and/or stop the abduction from occurring all together. Some of these abductees also claim to be assaulted by more than type of creature and it will stop some in their tracks but not the others. So as you can see, it doesn’t work 100% of the time but does seem to occasionally have some effect. So there seems to be a section of experiencers out there that are being oppressed by one thing trying to be another and it very well be going multiple ways.


And it’s not just Judeo-Christianity that has these shared elements. Centuries of tales of the Fae folk all have matching elements with modern Alien Abductions that are so eerily similar it is hard to ignore. Think about stories of people going missing in the middle of the night, missing time, glowing orbs in the sky, bizarre child sized creatures, traveling to far out and exotic non-earthly realms, and Hybrid children…those are elements that both stories about Fairies and Aliens share. It’s not limited to just those ‘fairy’ tales either, but is cross cultural and all over the world from Europe and all across Asia to many myths in Japan, then overseas to the Americas, and back over the pond to Africa.


Some past readers will know that I have referred to the Trickster element of the paranormal where something out there beyond our 5 senses is messing with us and what better way to do so that keeping the waters of our perception muddied by taking elements of various Supernatural and Mythical elements and have them imitate each other, so that as always, the human race is left with a seed of doubt as to what is really going on and the Great Mystery can continue.