When Spooky Season Isn't Just a Season

Ghosts, demons, things that go bump in the night, that's what Halloween seasons brings out. But then, it's November first and the world turns its attention to Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. On to the next holiday. Right? That would be nice, but for those of us who are sensitives, spooky seasons lasts all year round.

I imagine it must be strange for people who don’t always think about the paranormal that these things are on some minds all year round. And honestly, not just in the way where everything is creepy or scary, and when it is, it’s worse than any haunted house I’ve ever been to.

To be quite honest, Halloween has never been a favorite time of mine. Everyone always thinks this is wierd, they’ll say to me, “Oh my gosh, but its like your time of year, you should love it.” And normally I explain to people that this is my life all year round so I don’t feel any extra special connection to a day where people wear sheets to pretend to be ghosts. (Side note, in case you were wondering and you do not have the ability to see ghosts, they do not look like that).

Anyway. I am not trying to just drag Halloween. I think it can be a lot of fun and I totally understand why people love it. I understand why others who are interested in the paranormal love it. It feels like a moment where the rest of the world is totally cool with our community. But, something I have grown into is being okay with it at all times. Being okay with myself and what I do. And I find that with this attitude people are more accepting, even when the calendar doesn't say October.

So what is it like in the 11 other months out of the year? Well, its text messages and phone calls about individuals and families who need help (if you want to see a blog on this subject in more detail let me know!), its classes and personal training to help people grow and develop on their spiritual journey, and its self-care in the form of energy work, acupuncture, and meditation.

And really, I don’t think it’s that I don’t like Halloween specifically. I love reflecting on scary stories and doing big events and meeting new people who are looking to experience real haunted locations. There is so much I love about it. But I love the work I do all year around. And I love that my work isn’t limited to a certain season or time period. It is with me at all times, which is a blessing and a curse (blog post on this too?), but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. So, my dear spooky season, while the rest of the world says goodbye for now, we’ll continue on.


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