Dr. Mudd and The Golden Circle

On the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination Charles County, in association with the Dr. Mudd Historical Society, hosted a big event at the Dr. Mudd house. Our group was asked to handle the paranormal events taking place and to do a presentation. The event was jam packed! We had more than a hundred people take the ghost tours we did and over sixty people participate in the night investigation.

Our good friends form SuperNatural Media were on hand as well. To say the spirits were active is putting it mildly! Lots of interaction that night from the children all the way through to the conspirators. In the last group going through, there was a descendent of Dr. Mudds with the group. Shawn was on the double-blind ghost box and Dan was asking the questions. Near the end of the EVP session, Dr. Mudd himself referenced the Golden Circle and mentioned that the family was not worthy of it.

That short dialogue got us thinking; not worthy of what? For those of you that aren’t familiar with The Golden Circle, it is a reference to a secret group of Southerners that, towards the end of the American Civil War, decided that they would put in place the necessary means to achieve victory when the South rose up again. These groups of men, firmly believed that there would be another Civil War, and they were hell bent on making sure the South won it the next time.

Ok, back to the future (no pun intended…OK, pun intended!), that was in 2015. In 2018 we took a group through the house with the intent to ask about the Golden Circle. When we felt Dr. Mudd’s presence we began to ask questions about the Golden Cirlce but he refused to talk about it, not with Emily, Shannon or myself. He was very closed lipped on the whole issue.

We also had a good friend who came to the investigation with his family. His great-great grand-daddy was a Confederate soldier who died in the Shenandoah Campaign. I mentioned this to the spirit of Ed Spangler, one of the co-conspirators who has not crossed over. I do this sometimes as I know those specific ghosts will almost always interact around descendants of Confederate soldiers.

As it turned out, Emily asked about the Golden Circle, Ed Spangler said he knew someone that would talk to her about that. Sure enough, another spirit stepped in, and he gave us some more detail about the group of men in this area that were part of the Golden Circle. He stated that the group always met at nearby St. Peter’s Church, and a few names were given to us. He also indicated that there was something on the farm but was vague as to where or what it was.

This October we are having two events for Halloween, along with the investigations we will be doing and the new experiments, we will be focusing again on trying to get more details on the Golden Circle. The events are on October 13th, Spooked: A paranormal Encounter at the Dr. Mudd House and also on the 27th, All Hallows’ Eve at the Dr. Mudd House. If you are interested in finding out how we do Paranormal Archeology, you won’t want to miss these events! Go to our website, www.findyoursparc.com and check it out, tickets are limited, so get yours early.