Life Between Lives

As promised from last week I was going to do a review of 1 of 2 books, either “Sister of Darkness: The Chronicles of a Modern Exorcist” by Rachel Stavis or “Llewellyn's Little Book of Life Between Lives” by the Newton Institute. As you can tell from the title which one I was able to wrap up this week.


A life between lives is not a new concept, as many of today’s religions and spiritual teachings openly accept this and talk about it, as it is the belief of it being where we exist in-between earthly incarnations. It is where your soul/higher self/true being/id or whatever label you want to put on it goes after physical death to review what was learned in this life and plan for the next one or follow whatever plan your soul intends to take.


Before delving to much of that, I believe it is important that you know who and what the Newton Institute is. The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy (TNI) was named for its founder, hypnotherapist Dr. Michael Newton. Before the organization was founded, Dr Newton spend 30+ years exploring the afterlife through his clients in what started as past life regressions but soon evolved into something much more special as some of his clients started recalling what happened AFTER that past life’s death. Over that 30+ years, he really delved into the Life between lives study and was able to build a rough model of that part of the spiritual realm. With this knowledge, he began publishing his findings, making appearances on TV, and becoming a high in demand lecturer. As more and more the word of his findings began to spread, so did the interest with other professional hypnotherapists that it was decided an organization was need to help centralize the knowledge and the practices of Life between lives hypnotherapy. In 2002 the organization The Society for Spiritual Regression was born and this eventually evolved into the Newton Institute that took his name to honor him and his work. Currently the Institute is made up of like-minded therapists that are devoted on continuing Dr Newton’s work in exploring the Life between lives.


Now with a little color as to who the Newton Institute, you can get a better understanding of the book. It’s what I would like to think of an introductory book on the subject complied by many studies, done by many therapists. It walks you through the gist of what LBL’s are, the preparation that one needs if they would like to enter a session, the steps the therapist (or practitioner as they call them in the book) takes you through, a rough outline of what to expect from visiting a past life, and then finally what it is to expect once you enter the LBL itself. I do not want to give too much away as I think reading this is something best to absorb first hand and not in a watered down re-telling. I think it is well structured as it really is a step-by-step guide that gives you many examples and excerpts from other experiencers lives. Each chapter also contains exercises that you can do to prepare for a session or even do on your own as ways to possibly explore past lives and LBLs on your own.


It does address some things that you do often have people ask about such as why bad things happen, lives being cut short, karma, other types of spiritual entities (not delved into too much but it is briefly spoken about), souls from other planes and planets, spirit guides, soul groups, and ascended masters. As I said, without quoting straight from the book I just do not feel like I can do it justice nor is the book out quite yet and I do not want to spoil anything for anyone (its due out on 10/8). If there is interest shown in covering more of this in-depth, I would be more than happy to dip into a case study of Dr Newton’s work and actually go into and explore the subject in much, much more detailed fashion.


Next week, I will flipping a coin on either going into “Sister of Darkness: The Chronicles of a Modern Exorcist” by Rachel Stavis that I didn’t get to this week (and since that is already on the shelves, I will be far less hesitant about getting into more detail on it) or discussing dowsing in its various forms and uses. Let us know if there is a preference.