Bring Out Your Dead

Yes, the title is a Monty Python reference. 

You have probably heard about our upcoming event for Halloween at the Dr. Mudd House on October 27th, so I thought I would write about one of the experiences I had there. This will give you the opportunity to read about what you may experience for yourself if you can make this awesome event. 

Most of you know that I like to work with reenactors. Almost always we get either some incredible evidence or we have a really great personal experience when a reenactor is present during the investigation. Dr. Mudd’s does a Victorian Christmas every year, it is way cool, and the reenactors are out in force to say the least. One time some of the team members and I were invited to come in and do an investigation after the event. One of the reenactors was a descendant of a Confederate soldier who fought in a Virginia unit. I decided to see if I could get one of the spirits of the Confederate co-conspirators to interact with this gentleman, whose name was Ray. 

I knew that Ed Spangler’s spirit was still a hardline Confederate sympathizer, and I thought that he would be the one to come forward, if any of them would. I took Ray into the attic and had him face me with his back to the stairs that lead to the attic, the window in which the Nellie Mudd apparition was captured (you can see the photo on our evidence page) was to his right. Because I thought words of praise for a Southern sympathizer would make this spirit feel comfortable, I asked Ray just start talking about his ancestor who fought for the South and how he felt kindly about this ancestor.

As Ray started to talk, I felt a presence slide in, the thing was, it was not near Ray or me, but at the landing at the bottom of the stairs. As Ray started to say how much he honored his Confederate history we heard someone walking up the stairs. There were two other people in the attic with us, and they heard whoever it was climbing the stairs. I immediately knew it was Ed Spangler coming up the stairs, I have felt his energy many times, and know it well. 

When the footsteps reached up about halfway, Ray said, “Someone is coming up the stairs?”. Ray had a camera in his hand and I smiled and said, “turn around and take a picture.” Ray gave me a funny look and turned around and froze. “No one is there!” he exclaimed. The ghost of Ed Spangler walked up the last few steps and stopped right in front of Ray, as if to say, “I recognize your Southern sympathies.”

That was one of the coolest paranormal events at the Dr. Mudd House. If you can make it on October 27th, you will hear some more of the incredible experiences that have happened to us and others that have joined us on our excursions into paranormal history.  If you want to join us, visit the Store to get your ticket. I hope to see you there!