Emily burke

Investigative Medium


Emily has been in training since the age of nine with her dad, Patrick. She has learned to use her abilities to embrace contact with all forms of energy and spirits. Emily has become one of the leading Sensitives when it comes to stepping into and using energy in the Zero Point Field (ZPF). The shields she uses to protect herself and others are unique and powerful, especially when dealing with negative energy.

Emily’s accuracy is amazing when communicating with spirits. She not only sees, hears, and feels the spirits, but has a full conversation when making contact, which helps if a crossing over process begins. Many souls/spirits have a fear of crossing over but Emily learned this early on in her training, and she strives to let the spirits know she is there to help.

Emily functions as the investigative medium within the SPARC Team. She also often does general reads and aura reads to help individuals grow on their spiritual journey.

In 2017, Emily graduated from Loyola University Maryland as a Political Science major with a minor in Art History.