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Dave Henderson

Lead investigator, Tech expert, Ghost Box Expert, Sensitive


Dave got into the field of the paranormal, supernatural, strange, and just plain weird at a very young age. Ever since he could remember his grandmother took him to funerals and wakes with her, and this instilled him with a firm respect for those who have passed on. This, combined with his appetite for legends, lore, and mythology sealed his fate when it came to supernatural studies.

 All through Dave’s life he has collected books, articles, movies, and documentaries on the unexplained. It seemed odd to him that the science world could breakdown the structure of an atom, put someone on the moon, and build super computers, but no one could give concrete explanations for hauntings, strange creatures, or UFOs. So, what was once a hobby became a passion. After 15 years, he began to learn that it’s less about finding the "answer" and more about helping those along the way, and the knowledge you gain in the process.

Sporting lots of tattoos and always an interesting T-shirt, Dave comes across as the strong, silent type. But, don’t be fooled because Dave is also a talented sensitive on the Team. He brings to the table a background in technology, strong research skills and a quiet sense of humor. His outside the box thinking and theories work well with the Team.